Almost Half (44%) of working Indians believe they have their Dream Jobs; but why is Attrition Rate so high then?

Now, this is quite an achievement!  How many of us can say that we are in our “Dream Job”.  To have half of the working population believe that they are in their Dream Job, the Indian companies must be doing something really awesome!  The only issue, however, is that most of the Indian companies have a very high attrition rate.  So, it is as if “I love my job.. its a dream job.. but the one “over there” is always a bit better”!

India has topped the list of countries where people are working in their dream-jobs with 44 percent Indians admitting they have the career they wanted as a child, according to a survey.  In the survey conducted by networking website LinkedIn, 44 percent Indians said they had their dream-jobs, while just 21 percent of the site’s British users said they worked in the career they had wanted in their youth. (link)

Moving to India anytime soon?

Of course, people in different countries have different aspirations.  Now, if most in a country (US) dream of being Olympic level athletes, now THAT is a “job” that very few can have.

British men said the career they had coveted most was to be an aeroplane pilot, followed by engineer, scientist or police officer. Most women, by contrast, wanted to be a doctor or nurse, with teacher, writer and singer also high up the list. These jobs, although they seem impossible to achieve, are not. With enough hard work, anyone can achieve any of these jobs. For example, if any women, or men, wanted to become a singer, then they should consider trying to record a song. You could then release it on a streaming service like Spotify. If you’re really proud of it, then you could always increase the amount of spotify plays that your song has by using companies like SpotiPromo. Everyone wants their dream job, but how hard are we all working towards actually achieving
them? With some determination, these dream careers could become a reality.
Meanwhile, those in other countries have different aspirations—American men said they wanted to be Olympic athletes, while women in Sweden longed to become vets. Britons may not be all that happy with their jobs, but they have not lost hope of improving their lot, with 32 percent revealing they still dream of getting the career they always wanted.

So, depends on what you want.

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