Biased Google searches – nay bigoted – are a reality!

Biased Google searches – nay bigoted – are a reality!

Google searches are the world’s window to knowledge and information.  If that window is tinted in a certain color and prejudice then the world will be judged and seen differently.

Khilji example – Biased Google Searches or outright bigotry?

I recently wrote an article on Alauddin Khilji, a bigoted tyrant who as per the chronicles written by his own associates, indulged in breaking temples, subjugating and massacring Hindus.  We cited Khaza-inul-Futuh and a credible translation of that book.

But one search of the word “Alauddin Khilji” on Google brings articles that, far from sharing his terrible deeds, actually purport that India should be grateful to him!  Completely washing away the Hindu massacres and destructions of temples he left in his wake.

These are the first page search results.

In fact, on the 3rd Google search page, one article even purported that Khilji was actually a “savior of the Hinduism”!  The Hindu in me was left wondering as to when Google minds will have the guts to show “Adolf Hitler: Savior of Jews” high on Google search?

biased Google search

This one set of results show that Google search is not just biased.  It has bigotry imprinted deep into it!  This search, for some reason, ranks Islamist content high on its result pages.  Question is why and how?

Bigoted and Biased Google search and Social Media?

Social Media sites are very powerful propaganda and mind-control tools.  Last year we looked at how twitter introduces bias – Twitter Engineers Caught Admitting They Shadow Ban the Right and Let off the Left-leaning accounts

We all know how Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s tour in India was spent in making religious ideological statements marked by Hinduphobia.  So, it is no wonder that twitter users in India of only a particular viewpoint are shadow banned.

Project Veritas, which looks at the social media bias, investigated the Google search bias and talked to senior Google engineer Gregory Coppola.  Per Coppola, until 2014,  Google was a neutral place or was not noticeably biased.  But after the 2016 elections, things changed.

You see, when Google or Twitter executives go out and pretend that things are managed by “algorithms”, they feign plausible deniability.  The truth is that someone writes the damn algorithms!

“I have a PhD, I have five years’ experience at Google and I just know how algorithms are. They don’t write themselves. We write them to do what we want them to do.”Greg Coppola, Sr. Google Engineer

And, that is why the question we asked earlier – Were Google search algorithms deliberately written by anti-Hindu bigots?

Coppola shares what goes on in Google when it comes to the prejudice that is embedded in its searches.

He says that Google was more neutral for first few years, but in time, specifically post 2016, prejudice seeped in.  In fact, searches are partial to certain news sites and bury others.  Something that you can easily check out with respect to India.  Try searching for any contentious issue in the last 4 years, and you will find that very popular sites with lots of traffic like never show up in the first three pages.  Much smaller, but left-leaning, often outright anti-Hindu sites have their posts ranked on the first 2-3 search pages.

That just cannot be chalked up to “bad SEO” consistently.  When the bias is so blatantly outrageous, then its not those who don’t show that need to be judged, but those who make those choices!

And Coppola substantiates that.

A small number of people do work on making sure that certain new sites are promoted. And in fact, I think it would only take a couple out of an organization of 100,000, you know, to make sure that the product is a certain wayGreg Coppola – interview with Project Veritas

The window is not just tinted, it is colored by bigots with Hitler like mentality.

Biased Google searches is a consistent issue

It wasn’t just Project Veritas that shined the light on the mess within the world of Google search.  Now, even the findings from a study by the Wall Street Journal show that manipulating searches to remove unfavorable content for some people or companies is a big racket!  Not just some, but hundreds of instances where fake companies and individuals forced Google (Alphabet Inc) to delete unfavorable articles for their clients.  People who were convicted criminals even.

Google stopped listing them in searches after it received formal requests that it scrub links to the pieces, a Wall Street Journal investigation found.  The Journal identified hundreds of instances in which individuals or companies, often using apparently fake identities, caused the Alphabet Inc. unit to remove links to unfavorable articles and blog posts that alleged wrongdoing by convicted criminals, foreign officials and businesspeople in the U.S. and abroad.  Source: Google Hides News, Tricked by Fake Claims – WSJ

That is quite interesting isn’t it?

Cannot have genocide-normalizing psychopaths rule the search algorithms!

When the instances of malfeasance by social media giants are recorded in studies so consistently and corroborated by insiders, then there is a cause for concern.  These giants control every narrative on the planet these days.  They are attempting to be the guardians of planetary knowledge systems.  Rather than being neutral observers, with no leaning, they have been repeatedly guilty of tilting the narrative scales in the direction of the ideology of their choice.

If that was harmless it may have been bearable.  But like our experience on issues pertaining specifically to Hindus shows, they are in favor of bigotry.  For Hindus, it is as if a Hitlerian guards bent upon normalizing Hindu genocides are writing their destinies.

That is a very serious situation!

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