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Twitter Engineers Caught Admitting They Shadow Ban the Right and Let off the Left leaning accounts

We have discussed this practice of shadow-banning by Twitter of not just ONLY Modi followers in India but even tampering with the engagement of Prime Minister Modi’s tweets himself earlier. (Read Twitter Directly Targets India’s PM Modi and his Supporters as Dorsey Attempts a Putin in India and GOP Devin Nunes sues Twitter for Shadowbanning – possible direction for pro-Modi Activists in India?)

Twitter Engineers Caught Admitting They Shadow Ban the Right and Let off the Left leaning accounts #TwitterShadowBanning #LeftProxyTwitter Click To Tweet

Now, however, the evidence is coming from many different avenues that social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are purveyors of bias and prejudice around the world.  They hold a certain ideological bias and they peddle that everywhere.

They think they are “liberal” and they use some half-ass definitions to port that to every country.  And that is precisely what they have done in India.  They have taken the narrative that was thrust on India by the Christian missionaries of making villains out Brahmins because they did not convert easily and Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO tried to make a statement in India about that.

Now Project Veritas has found out from the Twitter employees on how they shadow ban and restrict the content from people of certain ideologies – basically one ex employee says that when the content is from a liberal, they allow it but when it is from someone who they have termed as conservative, they shadow ban it.

This same issue goes on in India, but has not been exposed as yet openly here.  This is the kind of practice for which Twitter hides behind the “algorithm does it” excuse.  And until now, they have been getting away with it.

For democracies around the world to succeed, it is imperative that such large Social media corporations cannot play referees in elections and political debate.  If they cannot or will not remain neutral and blind, then they need to be brought down!

Twitter and Facebook are as much a threat to democracy as Putin’s machinations were.  They try to tilt the scale.