Twitter Directly Targets India’s PM Modi and his Supporters as Dorsey Attempts a Putin in India

Twitter Directly Targets India’s PM Modi and his Supporters as Dorsey Attempts a Putin in India

A lot of Modi supporters in India are finding out that Twitter is playing dirty games.  Twitter is placing its fingers on the election scale in India.  Twitter, in effect, is doing a Putin + Wikileaks for the Indian elections.

Several anecdotal instances – all belonging to Modi supporters are showing daily now as to how their retweets and likes on a post suddenly decrease all of a sudden.  As if inexplicably reducing the number of followers and shadowbanning Modi supporters are not enough, Twitter is now in another role – of ensuring which topic can trend and which influencer can project his or her voice by simply monitoring and decreasing the retweets and likes!  One could argue about reduction of followers – they could be fake accounts which were culled – or shadowbanning one could simply chalk it up as a mistake of a viewer.  But retweets and likes on ONE post after they have been done, should remain the same or grow.  Why would they decrease by thousands?

But that is precisely what people are seeing.

Look at this tweet by Akhilesh Mishra.  His retweets decreased from 108 to 62, while his likes decreased from 149 to 81.  Interestingly the tweet was critical of Rahul Gandhi.

When the Twitter team was called by the Parliamentary committee hearing, where its CEO JAck Dorsey was called and he refused, the Lutyen’s journalist, leftist Twitter’s lapdog Archis Mohan wanted to spin Twitter into a martyr by sharing about a Twitter employee who was 6 months pregnant but had been called from her leave and she was found to be waiting with her colleagues for the Parliament committee hearing to start.

To this Shefali Vaidya asked the relevant question – why was she even called for the hearing by canceling her leave in the first place?  This tweet which used Archis’ tweet as a reference, lost 120 retweets in ONE minute.  This was AFTER the user who caught this mischief told about how she was probably being shadow banned!

Another user saw the retweets go down as well!

To this another user Smita Barooah made a tongue-in-cheek tweet and challenged twitter to mess with her.

But apparently, even THAT tongue-in-cheek humor rubbed Twitter on the wrong side and in the time-honored tradition of Chinese fascism, it messed with the retweets on even that tweet!

And then came the reality check for everyone.  Twitter was indeed playing a dirty role in Indian politics – by backing Congress and other Anti-Modi forces up.  This dawned on most when Twitter tweaked with the retweets and likes on a post by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi himself!!!  So, now Twitter is directly targeting India’s Prime Minister himself!  In one minute – the RTs went down from 2388 to 994 and likes went from 7540 to THREE!!!

And, so many people are wondering if Twitter respects “free speech”.  Free Speech, the favorite poodle of super bored, overly entitled and over-rated cabals.  “Where is Twitter’s respect for free speech?” – many pro-Modi supporters are asking of the social media giant as if the world runs on morality.

They obviously never got the Twitter memo.  For Twitter, Free Speech was a joke.  And, its owner Jack Dorsey tells a disbelieving Wired correspondent with a chuckle and smirk.

Free speech is not a mantle that Twitter gave to itself.  Duh!  So, folks just smell the coffee and wake up.  This is how it is.  As for the government, do an EU on Twitter and give it a Valentine’s gift of a hefty fine that will make it respect a country which accounts for over 10% of the entire Twitter accounts! (India accounts | Global accounts)

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