Femina, India’s Women Mag, makes Publishing history with first Fully Crowd-sourced issue

Femina, India’s Women Mag, makes Publishing history with first Fully Crowd-sourced issue
Femina's Crowd-sourced Issue
Femina’s Crowd-sourced Issue

Publishing in India is undergoing a lot of change.  Of all the publications, Femina has made an interesting foray into “CrowdSourcing”.  It’s first Crowdsourced issues has hit the stands as we speak.  The content has been completely contributed by the readers themselves. Their credo was – If you have got a story, we have got the space.

There was a time when Femina was at the forefront of Women’s magazines… and then reading Femina became an anti-Feminist activity.  Now, by inviting the bloggers (potentially the largest population of writers), who also happen to be mostly liberal and outspoken women, they have hit many birds with one stone.  One, they have made the magazine Chic!  Second, they have aligned it to modern and contemporary tastes.  Third, they have provided an offline area for women bloggers and writers to have a platform that accentuates their online work

This is by far one of most brilliant move in publishing world anywhere in the world for the sheer audacity of the Editorial staff to virtually make itself redundant!  Because that is where it may lead the publishing industry to.  For, you don’t need to work for media to be writing.  Rather if you can write, you will find an outlet!  That’s Bold!

Here is a Google Hangout video, via which they discussed the whole process and the logistics of the issue.

A large campaign was run on Facebook and other social media outlets were also used to get the word out and work done.

Femina’s Crowdsourcing issue advertisement

Contributions came fast and furious from all walks of life and on all topics, promising to make this issue a truly Collectors item.

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