A Cop's sad tale of multiple deaths in his family!

Last updated on Sep 13, 2007

Posted on Sep 13, 2007

This is what would be the ultimate tragic life with respect to relationships!  The very fact that this man (Prakash Pawar) – he is a cop in Mumbai in Special Branch of CID in Kandivali –  is still sane is a tribute to his grit.  5 years back he had a family – his wife, two sons, and a daughter.  Here is a chronology of his series of tragedies.

5 years back
  • His wife has terminal illness
  • Daughter fell into a canal in the village and drowned.
Few Years later
  • Wife dies
  • Eldest son, who worked for a courier company in Bandra was hit by a local train and died on the spot.  After which his wife (Pawar’s daughter in law) – Vaishali – started working to compensate for loss in income.
September 1st week, 2007
  • A domestic dispute occurs between Vaishali and his younger son, Vishal.  The younger son walks out. And sometime later jumps into Vasai Creek and dies.
September 9, 2007
  • Vaishali’s parents came to know of Vishal’s death.  They came to see Prakash.  Vaishali could not bear this as she thought that he would not have killed himself had the dispute not happened.  Vaishali goes to the bathroom and slits her throat many times.. and dies!

Now, Prakash Pawar is left with just his 2 year old grandson – Vaishali’s son!!  His entire family is gone due to some un natural cause!!  Wonder how he has maintained his sanity?

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