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Sajid Khan – The Abusive Psychopath needs Jail, Not Atonement!

Saloni Chopra begged him [] to just let her “fuck him”, so Sajid Khan could “back off afterwards” and stop abusing and messing her up.  You are so “naive and stupid”, he yelled.  “This wasn’t about sex, it was about me being his little bitch

17 Oct 18 4 min read

Male Warrior Syndrome: Religion, Persecution and Wars

Male WarriorAre men more prone to violence? The fact is that men commit 90% of the world’s homicides and have started all the wars. In an interesting article in the latest issue of “Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society”, three authors – Melissa McDonald, Carlos Navarrete and Mark Van Vugt

21 Feb 12 3 min read

Tihar Jail Special: Experiments in Humanising the Inmates

Jails have had their own importance in every society.  In India, where jails provided the launch of many a stalwarts of the Indian freedom movement – from Bhagat Singh to Gandhi to Nehru to Savarkar – jails have been symbolic at times of the good and the bad. Contrary to what most

26 Feb 11 2 min read

What is the end game here??

From the way things are going, we will end up more deep in the hole. Look at how the odds are staked against us- we helped do that in the first place. The first knee jerk reaction was to ask for the ISI chief to be sent to India. Pakistan

05 Dec 08 2 min read

Sex addiction and women

Sex can be a wonderful bond of flesh between humans, but it can become an addiction.  And this addiction is not just a preserve of men, but women are also addicted to sex just as men are! You might be able to see this in action if you’re to

26 Oct 08 3 min read

AP photographers with suspicious credentials in insurgent areas

Journalistic ethics are always in question when one is dealing with times of human tragedy. In 2006, AP photographer Bilal Hussein [] won the Pulitzer prize for his coverage in Iraq. It was found that Hussein was involved with Al Qaeda and that is

16 Jul 08 1 min read

Spitzer, Law-enforcers, Human failing and a 10,000 years pretense!

> A first-term Democrat, built his political reputation on rooting out government corruption, and made a name for himself as attorney general as crusader against shady practices and overly generous compensation. He also cracked down on prostitution. > He was known as the “Sheriff of Wall Street.” Time magazine named him “Crusader

12 Mar 08 3 min read

Pakistani Democracy and American farce!

What is wrong with the US?  First it tells everybody and his brother to go democratic and when they have the elections, which do not go along the person US is backing – then it starts all sorts of bullying and lobbying!  It is as if US had no idea of

24 Feb 08 2 min read

Indians sentenced for slavery in US

This female has been convicted [] of keeping two Indonesian women as slaves.  Look at her face.. I would have sentenced her anyways!  She looks like a witch.

17 Dec 07 1 min read

Indians sentenced for slavery in US

This female has been convicted [] of keeping two Indonesian women as slaves.  Look at her face.. I would have sentenced her anyways!  She looks like a witch.

17 Dec 07 1 min read

The Nuclear merry go around!

Hmmm.. interesting!  So North Korean nuclear material has been found in Syria [;title=Israelis%20seized%20nuclear%20material%20in%20Syrian%20raid%20-%20Times%20Online] .  And where did the North Koreans get their material from?  Pakistan!  Where did

23 Sep 07 1 min read

Presenting…. a Pakistani Army officer as a suicide bomber!

Pakistan’s situation worries me.  I am amazed it worries not many people around the globe. Until now, they exported terrorism unabashedly.  Then terrorism started hurting them itself!  But until now, however much fundamentalist the Pakistani Army was they would use the poor and brain-washed as cannon-fodder.  Now an incident

22 Sep 07 1 min read

Is Islam really a religion of peace?

Now, I am not an expert on any religion, but the refrain that we often hear is "Islam is a peaceful religion".  And it does not want to hurt anyone who is not a Muslim.  Is it?  Here is an incident that happened in presence of the Prophet and was

20 Sep 07 1 min read

A Cop's sad tale of multiple deaths in his family!

This is what would be the ultimate tragic life with respect to relationships!  The very fact that this man (Prakash Pawar [] ) – he is a cop in Mumbai in Special Branch of CID in Kandivali –  is still sane

13 Sep 07 1 min read

How has Osama survived the last six years!

It has been six years today after the 9-11 attacks on the US by Al Qaeda.  Yet Osama is out at large.  How did he escape arrest?  It is a tale of carelessness and apathy on part of the US and some smart maneuvering on part on part of Al

11 Sep 07 3 min read

America's new sex fetish: Sex in Toilet!

The harmless toilet seems to be emerging as the number one spot for celebrities for sex in the US! First it was Larry "I am not Gay" Craig senator of Ohio [] , who was soliciting sex from a

30 Aug 07 1 min read

Jehad, Economics and the Structure of Islam!

> "Interestingly, we’ve found that the vast majority are not inspired by jihad or hate for the coalition or Iraqi government – the vast majority are inspired by money," said Captain John Fleming of the navy, who is spokesman for coalition detainee operations in Iraq. This is the conclusion of this

26 Aug 07 2 min read

Wives are the real Bosses!!

A study [] has now confirmed that we all married men knew from eternity!  That Women are the Real Bosses.  Remember those two rules? 1. My wife is always right 2. In case she is says something wrong,

07 Jul 07 1 min read

Which are the failed States?

Look at these top 20 in the failed state Index category [] (also ForeignPolicy []).  These states are most likely to become failed states!  India was

27 Jun 07 1 min read

When Millions Should be Killed to Mourn a Few Thousands!

It has become so fashionable to talk of peace these days and blaming the World.. yes.. actually the West and the others in the world for all the mess in the Islamic world and the direct connection between Poverty and Terrorism that it nauseates me no end!! This argument of:

16 Aug 06 1 min read

Mumbai: All Bombs on stations near Muslim Dominated Areas

Ashok Row Kavi – a firebrand gay activist – gave his experience [] . This one line got my attention!! > The TV is showing the bombed bogeys. What is curious is that all the bombs were placed on the western suburban line;

12 Jul 06 1 min read

Intolerance in Islam and the Various Arguments

Based on my entry Allah vs Other Gods: Tolerance in Islam [] I got some interesting comments on desicritics post []. Here are some: > what about: guru nanak. he was later, so no. buddha. was

11 Jul 06 6 min read

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