52 year old Professor in Mumbai begs on trains to create schools for underprivileged

Here is an incredible story of a Professor in Mumbai who begs on local trains so he can collect money to set up schools for underprivileged kids in slums for English Medium education, that can change their lot.  The 52-year-old Professor Sandeep Desai is quite a hero for the kids who study in his schools and their parents.

He has set up two schools in rural Maharashtra (Rajapur and Kankavali) and one in a Goregaon slum until now with the Rs. 21.5 lakhs he has collected.  He was recently declared as one of the 24 winners of CNN-IBN’s annual Real Heroes Awards.

“Everyone thought I was crazy, but it is the intention that counts,” said Desai, who was tense and scared on his first day on the trains. Now, despite being ridiculed and pushed out of the train, he collects up to Rs700 a day and even has commuters mailing cheques to his trust — Shloka Missionaries.

Amazing guy!!


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