Sajid Khan – The Abusive Psychopath needs Jail, Not Atonement!

Sajid Khan – The Abusive Psychopath needs Jail, Not Atonement!

Saloni Chopra begged him to just let her “fuck him”, so Sajid Khan could “back off afterwards” and stop abusing and messing her up.  You are so “naive and stupid”, he yelled.  “This wasn’t about sex, it was about me being his little bitch and doing everything he told me to do.”

As she kept pleading as to what was it that he wanted from her?  He gave the secret of how Bollywood worked and also his own mind.

He said he wants me to do everything he tells me to. Stay with him. Maybe he’ll ask me to touch myself in front of him, maybe he’ll want to record it. He’ll do things to me and give me orgasm and teach me the art of sex but maybe he won’t actually put his dick inside me. Maybe he will. But it would be up to him what he wanted and if I thought casting couch was just about a one time sex then I was foolish. No one would cast me unless I was ready to be their ‘keep’.

This was one of the stories from Saloni Chopra’s #Metoo post.  And Farhan Akhtar, the self appointed guardian of world’s Secular morality along with his father and his wife, said this.

Atone for his alleged actions.  Atone?!  Alleged?!

There is a time when no matter how masterfully you try to camouflage your obvious hypocrisy, it bounces up and shouts from the roof-top.  This is one such moment.  No woman comes out with such a heart-rending and debilitating story about her own abuse.  And when one comes out with such detail, it is time to listen and stop the machinations.  Leave that for other less poignant moments, eh?!

And if you had any doubt about that underlying hypocrisy of Akhtar’s response, then his next follow-up said more than what he wanted to hide.

The operative word is “proven offenders”.  And, who proves it?  Barkha Dutt wants the #Metoo inquisition to be definitive in case of BJP minister MJ Akbar.

The point is that the charges against Sajid Khan have evoked interesting response of calls for “atonement” instead of looking at him for what the charges show he is.  A Psychopath!

A guy who wants to play with a woman and her human dignity because he can, is not normal.  He is a psychopath.

Two other women – Rachel White and Simran Suri – have also come out and shared stories which are very similar to each others.  Khan would call young struggling actresses to his home,instead of his office, for auditioning and his maid would show them into his bedroom.  He would be on his treadmill there.  And as soon as got down, he would feel their breasts and ask them to strip for him.  When they refused and would want to shout he would say that his Mom was in the adjacent room.  Finally the actresses left.

These two left.

Countless many would have stayed on and / or stripped for him.  For, this was not a modus operandii that he stumbled upon.  From how he went about it, he had perfected the ruse, the sequence, the mode of engagement, and the way he went about it.  The whole things – from calling young and struggling actresses to his home to running his hands on their breasts to the treadmill.  It was all perfected.

Clearly, he had been doing his drill for too long.

He is a psychopath who could and would abuse women, not because he was attracted to them.  But because he could abuse them.

Rachel says in her video that he needs a rehab.  She is terribly wrong.  Rehab is for people whose own brains were taken over by a drug or addiction.  Addiction is one thing.  Abuse, aggressive and humiliating abuse of another is not mere addiction.  When the need to abuse other is without remorese, a habit and a need, it is no longer treatable.  It needs to be addressed like one would address the crimes of a serial killer.  Because there is no cure to the addictive high of abuse.

Rachel may have thought – in the video below – that Sajid Khan was addicted to sex, as Saloni had argued to herself.  But it was not sex that Khan is addicted to (as he even alluded to).  He is addicted to abuse.

And this addiction to abuse of the other is without remorse.  Actually, the fact that he called Saloni up even after that fateful night showed that he did not even understand that something wrong or inappropriate had happened.  To him his right to abuse, remorselessly at that, was normal.  That’s a classic sign of a psychopath!

People with such minds do not need atonement.  They need to be taken off the streets of normal society.

Rachel White’s Story of abuse by Sajid KhanSimran Suri’s story of abuse by Sajid Khan

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