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Sexual Predator Vinod Dua’s ‘Bar in a Car’ abuse of Nishita Jain and Twitter Backs Dua

Film maker Nishita Jain accused yesteryears TV anchor turned fake news peddler at thewire, Vinod Dua of sexual abuse.  Her story of how not only Vinod Dua stalked her but also cornered her to force herself on her is heart breaking.

And, it is not as if his SUV with a bar is that much of a hidden secret.  It seems many women have been invited and some of those who may have wandered in would have met their fate at the hands of this sexual predator.  For example, Madhu Kishwar narrates her story of how she was invited into the “bar in a car” of this journalist.

And what is most amazing and intriguing is that it seems twitter suspended the account of Nishita Jain herself!  Not of the predator, but the one who was abused.  If you wanted a sordid tale of left-wing backing of predatory behavior by social media giants – which are skewed and intolerant of any other view.  This is the story of #Metoo movement and its predators.

Featured Image: Nishita Jain’s Facebook page