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Corona Patient Spitting on others will be charged with Attempt to Murder – Himachal DGP

As the terrorists form Tablighi Jamaat who have been using themselves as live bio-weapons spread around India in order to spread the Corona disease, the local administrations are being forced to take proper actions to stop their agendas.  These Jamaat jehadis have been known to spit on others while they themselves have the virus.  Now, the highest police official – Director General of Police (DGP) of Himachal Pradesh – has announced that anyone who is infected found spitting on others will be slapped with an attempt to murder charge.  And if someone who has been spit on dies, then the perpetrator will charged for murder.

Himachal Pradesh DGP S R Mardi on Monday (6 April) announced that any coronavirus positive patient in the state will be slapped with an attempt to murder charge of he or she spits on any other person. He added that if the person spit upon dies due to the disease the accused will face a murder charge (Source: Any Coronavirus Patient Spitting On Others Will Be Charged With Attempt To Murder Himachal Pradesh Dgp)

Given the seriousness of their heinous crime and the planned manner in which they are pursuing it, there should actually be a terror charge against such people.  Yes, this is a law and order situation, but it is also a larger terror spreading tactic.