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US throws a paltry USD 8 mn aid to Pak for coronavirus after Imran Khan went asking

US is giving aid to Pakistan. We all know how bad the Pakistani economy [] is given the impact of corona / COVID-19.  Dressed in a casual sweat shirt, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan went [] to the world community on

17 Apr 20 1 min read

IMF warns Pakistan’s budget deficit spiral close to 10% of GDP!

Pakistan’s economy is in a tail-spin.  We have discussed the impending doom for the Pakistani [] economy since 2018.  Only its shenanigans and the ability to sell any snake oil to other countries has managed to keep it from fully collapsing.  Things are about to

16 Apr 20 1 min read

IMF supports India’s proactive response to COVID-19

India has followed a different strategy than many other nations in terms of the response to COVID-19.  It has been of quick and complete lockdown.  Which makes sense for such a large country with that dense a population.  If the COVID-19 had gotten out of control, there was enough reason

16 Apr 20 2 min read

Chinese City Bans Africans from Hotels, Apartments, and Restaurants

In a remarkably heartless display of extreme xenophobia, Africans in China – specifically Guangzhou – have been evicted from their hotels, apartments and barred from entering restaurants.  Many of them have found themselves sleeping on the streets [] as a result. > “I’ve been

13 Apr 20 1 min read

U.S. May Face 18 Months of Rolling Shutdowns

Corona Virus has locked down most of the countries in the world.  And everybody seems to have his/her own expert opinion – as was the case with Fareed Zakaria this week in GPS.  Now, Fed Minneapolis President, Neel Kashkari suggests that in absence of a real vaccine for the problem,

13 Apr 20 1 min read

Tablighi Jamaat members defecate in Narela quarantine center 

Tablighi Jamaat followers have become the single largest vector, such that a separate column is being used in the national and state statistics for COVID-19.  They are called “Single Source” in order to be ‘politically correct’ by a media which does not use such restraint in cases involving the majority

13 Apr 20 1 min read

Jamaat coronavirus patient spits at nurse in Trichy

One of the Tablighi Jamaat followers who attended the congregation in Delhi on March 25th and now in a hospital in Tiruchirappalli has done what a lot of other Tablighi Jamaat followers have been doing – spitting on doctors and nurses. > A person who tested positive for Covid-19 reportedly spat on

13 Apr 20 1 min read

Coronavirus Jihad by Tablighi Jamaat – Tarek Fatah

In his program called “What the Fatah”, Tarek Fatah shares the threat and specter of Coronavirus Jihad, that is very real. While India has emerged as having one of the lowest per capita victims of coronavirus, the Muslim group ’Tablighi Jamaat’ defied govt orders to keep social distancing and housed

11 Apr 20 1 min read

Sky-rocketing Sex Toys sales in Corona lockdown globally

The world has been stockpiling toilet paper [] as Corona scare hit everywhere.   Apparently, the nightmare of being stuck on the pot with your pants down and the last piece of the magic paper being out has been haunting people from US to Europe to Australia.

11 Apr 20 7 min read

How India ignored WHO and averted a major COVID-19 crisis

In dealing with Coronavirus, the countries, which kept WHO at arm’s length like Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and India, have been more successful. Because WHO came out to be a Chinese puppet and its complicit role in Coronavirus spread has taken more lives than the organization saved in its

09 Apr 20 1 min read

The Terrible US Corona Nightmare – Scary Trends!

Corona or COVID-19/COVID19 is on a path to devastated the Western world in unprecedented ways.  John Burn-Murdoch of Financial Times shared some very insightful charts and inferences from them. Some high-level things: * While Italy and Spain have plateaued while France and Germany possibly seem like joining that trajectory as

04 Apr 20 2 min read

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