Coronavirus Jihad by Tablighi Jamaat – Tarek Fatah

Coronavirus Jihad by Tablighi Jamaat – Tarek Fatah

In his program called “What the Fatah”, Tarek Fatah shares the threat and specter of Coronavirus Jihad, that is very real.

While India has emerged as having one of the lowest per capita victims of coronavirus, the Muslim group ’Tablighi Jamaat’ defied govt orders to keep social distancing and housed over 3,000 virus-exposed men at the headquarters in the Delhi neighbourhood of Nizamuddin, causing a spike in India’s infected population. Host Tarek Fatah puts the spotlight on the Tablighi Jamaat and its agenda in India and across the globe.

Tarek Fatah shares the following in his article in Toronto Sun which shows the real face of the Tablighi Jamaat.

Similarly, Shoe Bomber Richard Reid who tried to detonate explosives packed in his shoe during a flight from Paris to Miami in December 2001, also attended the Jamaat’s U.K. mosques while the youngest of the London Bridge attackers too was associated with the Islamic group. Youssef Zaghba attended meetings of Tablighi Jamaat while studying in Morocco before moving to London two years ago.

Closer to their headquarters in India, the Times of India reports, the Jamaat has had a long history of ties with Pakistan-based banned terror outfits like Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM).

The original founders of HuM, the terror group known for the hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 814 in 1999, were members of Tablighi Jamaat, as per Pakistani security analysts and Indian investigators.

In addition, WikiLeaks documents reveal, some of the 9/11 al-Qaida suspects detained by the U.S. in Guantanamo Bay had stayed on the premises of the Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, New Delhi, several years ago.

We have shared the same thing in our article Ex-Tablighi on Tablighi Jamaat’s role in spreading COVID-19 Pandemic.  The fact is that Coronavirus Jihad is real!

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