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How Bolsheviks created the Islamist-Communist partnership

Islamists have pushed the world to redefine itself in recent years due to global terror attacks.  Often the underlying trigger or sentiment for this terrorism is expressed in an anti-West narrative. Strangely, and interestingly, one often sees Islamists and Communists working together closely, despite how the communist regimes in Russia

13 May 20 8 min read

Is Social Diversity Really a Strength?

Is social diversity really a strength for any society?  It goes against the grain of liberal thought and indeed what is called the core strength of Indian civilizational ethos.  But what if that idea was actually planted for the good of those who contaminated the very basis of that liberal

06 May 20 7 min read

Women’s Status in pre-Islamic Arabia

This question has often been debated and discussed by many.  We will get into this with an evidence and documentation based post sometime later.  For now, we will listen to this interesting discussion that Ghalib Kamal, an ex-Muslim, has with another ex-Muslim girl from Pakistan. His reply touches upon the

03 May 20 1 min read

The Definitive Portrait of Alauddin Khilji

Amir Khusrau, the celebrated but bigoted jihadi Sufi, wrote an entire account of Alauddin Khilji’s life titled “Khaza in ul Futuh” (which translates as “Treasures of Victory”, a euphemism for booty of war). We have discussed how bigoted Amir Khusrau was and has yet been hoisted on Indians, specifically

01 May 20 7 min read

Amir Khusrau: The Sick Bigoted Psychopath

Over the years, Indians have been subjected to a remarkable form of brainwashing and intellectual warfare.  Those who worked hard to destroy the land and its people have been carefully and gradually hoisted as the paragons of the greatest human virtues.  We have discussed about the Sufis [https://www.drishtikone.

17 Apr 20 7 min read

Coronavirus Jihad by Tablighi Jamaat – Tarek Fatah

In his program called “What the Fatah”, Tarek Fatah shares the threat and specter of Coronavirus Jihad, that is very real. While India has emerged as having one of the lowest per capita victims of coronavirus, the Muslim group ’Tablighi Jamaat’ defied govt orders to keep social distancing and housed

11 Apr 20 1 min read

Humanitarian Implications of the Afghan Gurudwara Attacks

On March 25th, one lone ISIS terrorist attacked a Sikh Gurudwara in Afghanistan in the heart of Kabul, the Afghan capital.  25 worshipers were killed and 8 injured. Wiping out families and children! One of the dead was a small child.  The kirtan sewadar, Harinder Singh lost his 3-year-old daughter

30 Mar 20 6 min read

How Gandhi justified the Moplah Genocide of Hindus by Muslims

Turkey and Germany were in alliance during World War I.  After the loss, the Caliphate was ended by Ata Turk Kamal Pasha and  Turkey became powerless.  Globally, Muslims became agitated because Caliph was seen as the paramount Islamic leader and ruler.  And his exile created brought the Muslims to the

01 Feb 20 2 min read

How AI-based surveillance cameras are racially targeting Uyghur Muslims

Chinese treatment of the Uyghurs is well known. Over 1 million Uyghurs, who are the Muslim minorities, have now been in concentration camps [] which are euphemistically called “re-education camps”.  China has built a powerful surveillance state []

12 Nov 19 3 min read

Curious cases of Islamists masquerading as Atheists in India

We are told repeatedly by many Seculars that they are atheists, and by extension “humanists”.   It is, of course, a self-awarded certificate. An Atheist around the world is described as “a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.”  No God.  It is not that

26 Sep 19 8 min read

Why Triple Talaq Bill was absolutely necessary 

The triple talaq bill has been passed in the Indian Parliament.  It was missing the Rajya Sabha vote which it got today. Triple Talak is not divorce, its an arbitrary abandonment of the wife by the husband. it also created market for halala the 'institutionalized gang rape'! #TripleTalaqBill #TripleTalaqEndGame [https:

30 Jul 19 3 min read

Khalid sets himself ablaze in Chandauli and blames ‘mob lynching’ which forced him to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’

These days, it is easy and trendy for the Muslims to chalk up any issue, any accident and any problem to “lynching” and “Jai Shri Ram”. Lynching is the new caricature [] of Intolerance narrative in India.  The going around narrative is that if you do

29 Jul 19 2 min read

The Fight Against Hijab

Let us be ruthlessly honest.  Hijab is the price that women have to pay for men’s inability to handle their own libido.  Because men cannot be entrusted with handling what is in their pants, a burden is hoisted on the women around – to cover themselves.  Lest the man’s

15 Apr 19 3 min read

When the dead of Christchurch attack are just Tools of Conquest

Last Friday, a guman (an Australian) fired and killed 50 people [] in two mosques and injured at least 50 others.  In the deadliest shooting [] in New Zealand history, the white nationalist even had his manifesto

21 Mar 19 4 min read

Professor Khalid Hameed murdered in Bahawalpur Pakistan for Organizing College Fair and Encouraging Girls Participation

Professor Khalid Hameed was a professor of English at Sadiq Egereton College in Bahawalpur who was murdered yesterday [] in his office because – he was said to be organizing a fun fair in the college and encouraging female students to participate.  Just that.  You

20 Mar 19 3 min read

Muslims in Kerala Organize Boycott of Hindu owned Store

Have you ever gone into a store or a supermarket by first looking at the religion of the owner?  Well, it seems that this has been and continues to be the practice that many use to target or avoid the Hindu businesses. How Muslims in Kerala Organized Boycott of Hindu

14 Feb 19 1 min read

Triple Talak – How Anti-BJP Opposition Failed Muslim Women, Yet Again!

The long awaited Triple Talak bill was passed on December 27, 2018 in Lok Sabha by a margin of 245-11.  The sad thing is that the entire opposition is against the bill which seeks to empower the Muslim women. Screenshot from Times of India [

28 Dec 18 4 min read
Daily Bytes

Modernization of UP’s Madrasas

In Uttar Pradesh’s Faridpur town in Bareilly district, there is a madrasa which is now known as Oxford School.  This is a new trend that is coming up in UP where madrasas are teach – English, science, math, social studies, computer science and extra-curricular activities instead of the normal Quran,

25 Sep 18 2 min read

How the Fanatic Zulfiqar Bhutto Betrayed the Ahmadis

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was sworn in as a Prime Minister in 1970.  He was greatly helped and backed [] by the Qadianis ( Qadayyanis or Ahmadiyyas or Ahmadis).   The Ahmadis were hoping to reap rewards after having backed Bhutto unflinchingly.   When Jamiat-e-Tulaba, the student wing of

08 May 18 1 min read

How Malayali ISIS recruiter gave WhatsApp call to Kill Hindus

In a TimesNow exclusive [] , we came to know how Abdul Rasheed, the Kerala Muslim ISIS recruiter who has motivated atleast 20 Kerala Muslims to travel all the way to Syria to fight for ISIS.  Now he has sent a WhatsApp message where he is

16 Nov 17 1 min read

History of Rohingya Terror – Nothing Humanitarian About it!

As the White Supremacism rises in the US and cops killing the minority victims are constantly let go scott-free, the feeling of persecution enters the mindset of minorities, specially the Muslims and some of them take up arms against the “excesses of the Government”. Such that the violence by the

22 Sep 17 9 min read

Trump’s 7 Countries Ban and Clash of Civilizations

Donald Trump banned the entry of citizens of 7 countries into the US by signing an executive order [] .  They have been barred from entering the US for at least the next 90 days.  The administration officials also said that

30 Jan 17 10 min read

The Deeper Fight between Human and Islamic Identities

Even before anyone had showed himself on the door, Bella – our lovely dog – started barking.  If that moment someone had asked her as to what she experiences in her vicinity, she would have named that friend of mine as well.  Had I been asked the same question, I couldn’t

30 Oct 16 4 min read

How the Pakistani Mullahs Motivate Suicide Bombers

This is how the Pakistani muslim youth are prepared as suicide bombers.  The guy seems to be suggesting that the Muslims are simply wasting their time here running after useless and dirty women, because there – in Jannat, or Heaven – they will have women who will utterly beautiful and available for

05 Jan 13 1 min read

Zakir Naik and Peace TV: the Jihadi Devil gets the boot!

Agniveer is a Hindu educational organization, which does detailed analysis of Vedas and scriptures.  It presents things in a very scientific way. It also spearheaded the campaign against Zakir Naik and his Peace TV. Thankfully Peace TV has been banned in India now!  Here is something that this website – Agniveer

22 Dec 12 3 min read

Confirmed: Kareena didn’t convert on marriage

For the Bollywood crazy country like India, Saif and Kareena’s wedding was a big event.  One of the most important question that remained in everyone’s mind was – if Kareena Kapoor had converted to Islam on marriage.  In Islam, this is mandatory so many thought it was obvious.  While

08 Dec 12 2 min read

Islamic Extremists have infiltrated US Military

Since Maj Nidal Hasan shot down 13 fellow soldiers, the US agencies have stepped up the surveillance of those related to US Defense.  It has now come to light that over 100 “Islamic Extremists” are being investigated within the military community.  This includes the active soldiers, but those with access

25 Jun 12 1 min read

Osama has bin laden!

Osama has finally bin laden.  Pardon the pun, but he has been finally laid to rest. The most notorious terrorist of the 20th century – the guy who carried out some daring attacks and inspired the sickest mindsets the world over of many a faithful, is dead [http://news.blogs.cnn.

02 May 11 1 min read

Obama invited to Islam

You can fault these guys for anything, but for having nerves and being blatant. These guys are standing right in front of the White House and mouthing all sorts of stuff against US and Obama. And then they proceed to invite Obama into Islam because that will “save” him. It

31 Mar 10 1 min read

Righteousness of Intolerance

I recently had a very interesting exchange on facebook.  Spirituality and Love, are concepts, that have been so bastardized by people and are handled on just the surface… the moment one tries to explore these concepts a little deeper one realizes that all that was said was said with a

11 Dec 09 11 min read

Taslima Nasreen and Pusillanimity of Indian Secularism!

Taslima Nasreen is in India. She went to Hyderabad and was roughed up []. In fact, that isn’t all – in secular India – where attacks on MF Hussain were condemned and no one ever even talked of his hurting the “feelings” of the

12 Aug 07 1 min read

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