Radio Mirchi RJ Sayema bats for Tablighi Jamaat Jehadis who acted as Bio-weapons

Radio Mirchi RJ Sayema bats for Tablighi Jamaat Jehadis who acted as Bio-weapons

Lately a lot of Muslim public figures have been trying their best to whitewash the crimes that Tablighi Jamaat terrorists have been committing.  Not only have they acted as a bio-weapon, but they have spitted on the policemen and doctors, walked around nude and did lewd stuff in front of women doctors and nurses.

While the country is staggering under the surging number of coronavirus cases, a large number of which can be attributed to the errant Tablighi Jamaat members who congregated in Nizamuddin Markaz amidst the nationwide lockdown, there are some prominent individuals who have taken up the cudgel to be Jamaat apologists and perversely defend their wrongdoings. Radio Mirch RJ Sayema is one of those individuals who has rallied behind the Jamaat miscreants and whitewashed their misdeeds as fake news.(Source: Radio Mirchi RJ Sayema defends malevolent Tablighi Jamaat members)

This is her tweet.

Maybe it is time for everyone in India to say things the way they are and not let these front-end jihadist and terror sympathizers to provide cover fire to those who have jeopardized the lives of thousands!

That it was a conspiracy against India is absolutely obvious from the very lectures of the Maulana.  Listen to this detailed discussion and arguments from Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan.

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