Nihangs Cut Off Patiala ASI’s Hand as PGI team reattach it in complex surgery

Nihangs Cut Off Patiala ASI’s Hand as PGI team reattach it in complex surgery

A lockdown has been in force in Patiala, like in the rest of India for COVID-19, so barricades had been put up to prevent people from entering the wholesale market or “mandi”.

A group of Nihangs came to the local “mandi” – vegetable market in the morning (6.15 am) in an SUV. They were stopped by the market’s board employees for coming in without the pass.

Nihangs cut off ASI’s hand

These Nihangs thrashed those people and it is then that the policemen came on the scene.  When the police intervened, a scuffle broke out.  One of the Nihangs then took out the sword and chopped the hand of Assistant Sub-Inspector Harjeet Singh.  Bilkar Singh (SHO Sadar) and Raj Singh (another ASI) got inured on shoulders, arms and legs.

The Nihangs fled to the gurudwara after that.

Patiala Superintendent of Police Mandeep Singh Sandhu and other senior police officials reached the area and 8 people were arrested from the Gurudwara, including the attackers (5).  A cache of arms was caught from the Gurudwara as well.

Thankfully people around there hand the sense to take the ASI and his dismembered hand to the hospital right away.

Amazing surgery to reimplant the ASI’s hand cut off by Nihangs

ASI Harjeet Singh was taken to Rajindra Hospital and then to PGI in Chandigarh.  His bravery was unbelievable – as in he himself picked up his cut hand and sat on the pillion to go to the hospital.

ASI Harjeet Singh taking his cut hand in his right hand on the way to the hospital!

Quite honestly, it reminded one of Sri Baba Deep Singh, the legendary Sikh warrior who is said to have fought with his head in one hand.

The doctors said that the cut was in proximal wrist of left hand.

The reimplantation was started around 10 a.m. after initial preparation of the amputated part. Both radial and ulnar arteries, the vena comitantes and an extra dorsal vein were anastomosed (reconnection of blood verssels). All the flexors and extensor tendons were repaired, it said in a statement.Live Mint

There his hand was reattached in a 7.5 hour very complex and challenging surgery.  The doctors evaluated that the hand was warm and the blood circulation was good.

Kudos to the entire team of doctors for doing this complex surgery successfully in such trying times!

The surgery team comprised Sunil Gaba, Jerry R. John, Suraj Nair, Mayank, Chandra, Shubendu, Ankur, Abhishek and Purnima, while the nursing team comprised Arvind, Sneha and Arsh.Live Mint

Lockdown and Tempers

Nihangs have always been a very disciplined group with a martial past and proud heritage.  They have always been at the forefront of social defense as well.  It is sad to see that such some of the members of a proud group with a great lineage are behaving this way.  Lockdown is not a punishment.  It is imperative for the survival of nations.  When this entire thing gets over, many nations that did not handle their safety well will go down badly/  Almost irreversibly.

If it wasn’t for the lockdown, India would have had almost a million cases, which would have been a catastrophe.

It is therefore a war.  Against an invisible enemy almost.  The resources are few and the challenge huge.  It is in these times that people’s character shines through.

Nihangs attack on ASI Harjeet Singh and cutting his hand and the work of the doctors at PGI Chandigarh could have been avoided easily, if the tempers were managed within the group of Nihangs better.

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