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Without COVID-19 lockdown, India would have had 8.2 lakh cases by April 15

Had the Modi government not come down with lockdown and containment measures, the COVID-19 cases in India would have been close to a million by April 15.  On the contrary, we are looking at just close to 8000.

The Union Health Ministry on Saturday said the number of COVID-19 cases in India would have been 8.2 lakh by April 15, if no containment and lockdown measures were implemented. The coronavirus cases in India would have been 1.2 lakh by mid-April, if only containment and no lockdown measures were implemented, an analysis by the ministry showed. (Source:

Without lockdown, this is the estimated number of cases India would have by April 15)

Courtesy: DNA

By now, 586 dedicated COVID hospitals have been set up with more than 100,000 isolation beds and around 11,500 ICU beds – have been set up.

This is a great win for the government.