Current Cavemen!

Last updated on Apr 28, 2010

Posted on Apr 28, 2010

The focus has been shifted from hunting for food and shelter to hunting for sex (+/- money, fame or both..ehh did I say Instant Nirvana!!), the world (of masses) surely has evolved a lot in time. (excluding all the scientific, technological, intellectual and spiritual developments and debates that at least have some different angle to look (*sometimes*) at the same!). Wouldn’t say people do not die of hunger or poverty but the crime rate is so much higher in those classes than the ones who are well fed.
Today’s cavemen do not necessarily live in caves but essentially dwell in their own mental caves that do not let them come out of their basic instincts. Long way to go before the human beings evolve completely. The caves have enslaved their minds into small things, not letting them see or realize that there could be better things to look up to.
Why is everyone so sex obsessed these days and not so much with procreation like the real cavemen days? Why even when talking of spirituality that is supposed to be free of such anomalies, people have ulterior motives of talking someone into sex? Why do we see so many God-Men err at that? When the hunting has not even spared the holiest of the men, do ordinary mortals even have a choice? There is a unsatisfied God-Man in every man that finds its way about the topic best suited to their own comfort levels and availability of options. It can be a poor guy raping their own relatives or small children. It can be a rich/intellectual/spiritual/any combination of the three, perverted guy doing the same. It can be an intellectual defining the instinct in sophisticated, complicated, sounding oh-so-out-of-the-world jargon. It can be a spiritual believer or non-believer, racing after topics ranging from God and anti-God with rampant hormonal (ill-defined as divine) surges. The hidden agenda or motive remains unknown even to the subject indeed. Such are the fallacies of human mind that it would not let one know when they have fallen in its trap.The ride sure is fun, but is an unending loop.
We all are fallen angels, that have come here to experience love and question more, to seek and to know “the beyond”. Even when love forms the basis of all of its imperfect manifestations, it remains elusive for the most of us. Given a choice any day, most of us would pick money, fame, and convenient- no-strings-attached kind of relationships and sex over true love, true knowledge and responsibilities and need of dynamism and discipline that these demand. The basis of much of the new age spirituality has such materialistic irresponsible tendencies deeply rooted in it. In the world of day-blinds, at night we prefer wearing sun-glasses. Thus, we never really get to see what it is. This is the nature of Maya to lure us, to fool us and to keep us in loops, ruminating, regurgitating same stuff over and over.
We have built better caves with high tech facilities, super speedy connections to the other cave inmates, our network has become efficient but we are imprisoned in the darkest corners of mental caves that seem to have springing forth some kind of perverse pleasure, every time we define it with our expanded intellect and enormous database of redundant knowledge.

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