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How should one handle Sexuality?

People think so much about Sex and the opposite gender, so how to deal with it; asks a seeker.  Sadhguru discusses what sexual urges are and how they impact your well being or otherwise.

19 Jan 13 1 min read

8 Interesting Facts related to India from Twitter

> India has more citizens with IQ’s over 120 than the total population of the U.S. — Funny Facts (@FunnyFacts) October 28, 2012 [] Mumbai Smog and pollution> Breathing the air in Mumbai, India for just ONE DAY, is equivalent to smoking 2.5 packs

29 Oct 12 1 min read

Current Cavemen!

The focus has been shifted from hunting for food and shelter to hunting for sex (+/- money, fame or both..ehh did I say Instant Nirvana!!), the world (of masses) surely has evolved a lot in time. (excluding all the scientific, technological, intellectual and spiritual developments and debates that at

28 Apr 10 2 min read

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