Joe Biden and his horribly inappropriate ways with women

Joe Biden and his horribly inappropriate ways with women

Joe Biden has a problem at hand.  No not his melting brain, which makes him says and forget things that he has to.  Check that here.

So, no, not his brain meltdown, but that he is being called out for inappropriate actions with women.

Several inappropriate touching cases by Joe Biden

Tara Reade, Joe Biden’s former staffer, has come out with allegation that her boss sexually assaulted her.

Tara Reade, the former Biden staffer, described the allegation in an interview with podcast host Katie Halper on March 25. Reade said Biden pushed her against a wall and penetrated her with his fingers. When she pulled away, she says, he said he thought she “liked” him.Vox

Now, that’s convenient!  You finger any woman you think likes you?!  How is that any different from Trump’s “grabbing pussy” remark?

In April  Business Insider had reported that Reade’s old neighbor had said that she had confided inher about the alleged assault in 1995 and 1996.  Of course, many democrats are coming behind Joe Biden to save his skin.  But the fact is that Tara Reade is not the only case where Joe Biden may have acted inappropriately with women.

Many other inappropriate behavior cases of Joe Biden

Lucy Flores accused Biden of coming behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders, then he smelled her hair, and kissed the back of her head she was preparing to go onstage at a 2014 rally during her race for lieutenant governor.

Democratic staffer, Ally Coll said that in 2008 when she went to meet him, Joe Biden had talked about her smile, then squeezed her shoulders, and held her “for a beat too long.”

At the 2016 Academy Awards event, a photo of Sofie Karasek and Biden went viral where they were holding hands and touching foreheads.  Karasek later told Washington Post that Biden had encroached her private space.

At a democratic party fundraiser for Democratic Rep. Jim Himes in 2009, Biden had pulled Amy Lappos’ face so close that she felt he was going to kiss her.

Caitlyn Caruso shared that at a University of Nevada event in 2016, where she shared her experience of sexual assault, and Joe Biden had put his hand on her thigh and hugged her for too long.

At a 2012 fundraising event in Minneapolis, Biden had put his hand on DJ HIll’s shoulder and than ran it down her neck, making her uncomfortable.

At another campaign event in Iowa, Biden saw a voter’s grand-daughter and turned to the boy next to her saying “You’ve got one job here, keep the guys away from your sister.”  Now, that’s a rather strange remark by a Presidential candidate when he sees a kid!

The list goes on.  Check this video.

Some say, that is his way of endearing with people and as an old guy with grand-fatherly instincts, he is just being him and not trying to do inappropriate things.

He knows its a problem with him.  He has acknowledged it too, although he was not sorry for doing those actions!

Undeterred, Biden continued his Not-An-Apology tour on Friday with an appearance on The View. Asked if he was prepared to apologize to the women who had come forward to say he had made them uncomfortable, he made it clear that he was not sorry for his behavior, only sorry for their misinterpretation of his good-natured gesture. “Well, look: I’m really sorry if they — what I did in talking to them, and trying to console — that, in fact, they took it a different way.” Pushed, Biden doubled down: “I’m sorry this happened, but I’m not sorry in the sense that I think I did anything that was intentionally designed to do anything wrong or be inappropriate.”RollingStone

That’s called chutzpah.  When you know that you are in the wrong, but tender an apology to your victims that is not really one.  Quite honestly, the democratic goose is cooked.  The one major area – womanizing and misogyny, where Democrats could have beaten Trump up, will be difficult to defend for their own candidate in this election now.  Please read our discussion on Trump’s womanizing actions here.

Fate of America in hands of two crazies – Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Never before in modern times, has America’s future been in the hands of two candidates for President, who have little ability to handle tough situations and are, in their actions are to be believed, not averse to assaulting women!

As China rises, one wonders as to how US will be able to stand up in the new era with two old, womanizing, melt-down ready men vying for President-ship!

Featured Image: Flickr\DonkeyHotey

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