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How to Deal with MMS Scandals and the Consequent Suicidal Situations

Last week a girl from Almora [] committed suicide over an MMS.  It was believed that she had done so because of her board exam results, but subsequent information says that it was because of an MMS of her with a

04 Jun 16 4 min read

Why Indian Secularism is a Euphemism for Hinduphobia

Last week, on October 26th, a bunch of upstarts from Hanuman Sena got together and organized a Pork festival [] at the Malabar Christian College.  Police swooped in and arrested 50 Sena activists including the state president, vice-president and

31 Oct 15 4 min read

Autorickshaws: Amazing Rides and Engaging Drivers

Auto-rickshaws are a common sight in many many developing countries.  For those who are from India, they know that a “rick” is a life-saver.  There are many names for a rickshaw – three-wheeler, samosa, tempo, tuk-tuk, trishaw, autorick, or even bajaj (after the company which makes the most popular version in

25 Oct 15 5 min read

The Phony Cacophony of Our Hashtag Morality

Political correctness is shrill these days.  The faux morality on display is created by media.  Media, which wants attention, even when there is not enough merit, plays up sides and two positions.  This or That.  There are no greys and there are no go-betweens.  There is no such thing as

24 Oct 15 2 min read

9 Pioneering Ways Parsis have Shaped Modern India

Parsi in the Persian language literally means – Persian.   But wait, isn’t the language Persian Farsi?  Sure it is, but it wasn’t so to begin with.  This distorted name of the language Farsi is the gift of the Arabs.  The Arabic language lacks the P / G / Zh / Ch sounds,

03 Jun 15 8 min read

Piecing together a 435,000 years old Murder Mystery…

Murder is as old to human kind as human being is.  Different cultures have had different views on murder. There was once a time and some cultures where murder was more easily tolerated [] and one could

28 May 15 4 min read

Anarchy via Paranoia Culture: Aam Aadmi Party becomes Bhasmasur demon

A psychological disorder called Paranoid Psychological Disorder is prevalent in some people.  This tendency to be perennially paranoid is boosted by the tendency to hold ones own self correct.  A Self Referential tendency. In an individual this has been defined as: > Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a mental disorder [http:

12 Mar 15 3 min read

Rahul Gandhi’s Escapade and His Mysterious Video

Who doesn’t love a cute kid who can never get it right?  About a month back, this kid suddenly became the talk of the town.  Ever since he was born, he led the life of a prince, who could do whatever he wished, whenever he wished.  And then suddenly,

10 Mar 15 5 min read

Do Robotic Pet Dogs Have Souls?

Hideko Mori (L) and her sister Yasuko watch their robot pet AIBO playing at Hideko’s home in Tokyo ©Toshifumi Kitamura (AFP) {Courtesy: Daily Mail]Japanese these days are keeping Robotic pet dogs.  These pets stay with them and also become part of their lives.  These are no ordinary pets.

27 Feb 15 5 min read

Urinary Pisspositions: Why are we missing the mark?

You are driving on a long interstate trip and you suddenly get all twisted because of the pressure in the stomach.  You need to go!  Meanwhile your wife has had a lot of coke and needs to relieve herself as well.  Exit after exit you are looking for a decent

03 Feb 15 6 min read

Swiss Café Mortel (Death Cafe): Let’s talk Death

Opposite of life, Indian Sages have said, is not death.  But “not living”.  If you know who or what “you” are, death will be a continuation of life, albeit in a different dimension. Osho once said : > Life and death are one — one phenomenon, one energy. Life is the manifestation of

29 Jan 15 4 min read

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