Writer’s Protest: Trouble is That Victims of Intellectual Fascism are Now Speaking Up!

When in 2014, the media pundits were making predictions on India’s General elections, hardly anyone gave Modi’s BJP more than 220 seats. Yet, the part won 282. Where did the media fail and why? On the social media, in the broader mainstream media and in the intellectual narrative – the demonization of Modi was being done at its worst. From Sanjiv Bhatt to the Teesta Setalvad to the Congress Party – everyone was spinning stories and presented Modi as the devil in Hindu incarnation. In fact, Hindutva, BJP, RSS, Modi and Hinduism as practised by many was equated and made fun of. Yet, Modi won. The question is why? How did mainstream media’s strong campaign against him along with the Bhatts and Setalvads and the so-called Secular parties fail so spectacularly.

Has India changed? Is it more Hindu? And if it is more Hindu – then does it equate to more fanatic? Does a Hindu asserting his faith or talking about it mean that he is communal?

Return of Sahitya Akademi and Incestuous Networks of Indian Intellectuals

When Admiral Sushil Kumar asserted his Christian credentials, despite being the Chief of a non-religious institution of India making allegations of communalism when the incidents he cited were nothing more than petty crimes; was he being communal? If he was being – which is the right answer- then despite his downright betrayal of the nation’s interest for his narrow religious happiness, why was he courted by so many in the media? And when he was proven to be false – that the incidents weren’t a “concerted” attempt but random petty crimes – then why wasn’t his treason called out?

Will any Admiral or Air force or Army Chief be able to use his Hindu identity to call out the campaign by evangelists in India with foreign money AND get air time? What will the prologue to his interview by a Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai be? The fact is that the Joshua project started by the US Government under George Bush’s “Freedom of Religion” initiative has created a detailed database by Zip Codes in India with the help of Christian Evangelists of every statistic of demography and government installation. The Church planting is an activity that is coordinated between the US government funding agencies, Evangelists and political figures. New converts are basically political pawns in the hands of the American Right Wing politicians to do in India via “democracy” what they cannot do via force. Here is an excerpt from Tehelka’s path breaking research piece:

The US administration is pushing the model of close FBO-government partnership in fighting HIV/AIDS in India. Bush’s ideas have found grateful resonance within Indian Christian mission agencies and associations. “We are working on nearly 45 projects in India. Our experience shows that HIV/AIDS has definitely opened up windows to reach out to the “unreached” (non-Christians). Specifically, we can get people to accept Christ in their lives, so that their lives can be changed,” Sukant Singh, head of department, community health, Christian Medical Association of India, told Tehelka. (See Interview)
The Bush administration has praised the Christian FBOs for reversing the HIV/AIDS disease prevention and treatment in some African countries, especially Uganda. Bush has repeatedly highlighted prevention programmes in Uganda that emphasise “abstinence and marital fidelity to prevent HIV transmission”. He insists that Uganda should be the “model” for programmes that receive US funding.
In developing countries like India, the United States Agency for International Development has plugged the line that FBOs have inherent capabilities to intervene in HIV/AIDS prevention related activities. “USAID is one of our major partners in resources,” David Solomon, Andhra Pradesh representative of US based Catholic Relief Services told Tehelka. According to India’s National AIDS Control Organisation, USAID is projected to spend Rs 166 crores between 1999-2005 on HIV/AIDS prevention activities. In India, American FBOs like World Vision and Catholic Relief Services fund HIV/AIDS prevention activities. Most of the development programmes of Christian organisations that promote evangelical activities have an HIV/AIDS component

That is why Modi’s action against the NGOs foreign funding is so challenged from outside and certain specific quarters – which include the same sections of intellectuals, political parties and media – inside the country.

So, why has no Hindu General spoken despite such open intrusion of India’s national integrity?  A legitimate question, right?

The answer is two fold – (1) it is not a “Secular” thing to do, and (2) No media outlet would allow it.  It is a classic case of Silencing the Voice.

So, a Christian Admiral connects random and unconnected cases and cries foul as a Christian and gets top media attention and no Hindu General has ever been able to speak about the impact of Christian evangelism coordinated by foreign governments.  Whose voice was allowed and whose was suppressed?

A Hindu’s voice was suppressed and a Christian’s voice was allowed.  Even though there was NO proof for the latter and there is ample and more proof for the former.  All you need is eyes and the ability to read English and access to the Internet and read – Joshua Project, India.  What is shared in public is startling and disturbing, and what is not may well be devastating!

But who cries foul of “Silencing of Voice”?  The Seculars.  Those who say that Hindus are speaking now.  Here is a speech by Akbaruddin Owaisi.  He is extremely explicit about what he wants to do with the Hindus.  His party has been rising in strength in Maharashtra and now in Bihar.  How much of what the Owaisis say and do makes us ashamed as Indians?  How much of their hate speech defines the Muslims?

Yogi Adityanath and RSS have been dinged for calling out on “Love Jihad”.  There was a concerted media campaign to not just discredit “Love Jihad” but actually mock anyone who even uttered the phrase!  No one wanted to go into the phenomenon.  No one wanted to look deeper at the cases that were showing that there is a problem in our society.  Not only is there a problem in our society, but it is also a credible, proven and documented phenomenon in Europe – and it is called “Grooming” there.  Different words but same phenomenon!  And the culprits there?  Pakistani Muslims are 100% of all the culprits.  Ok, there was one Afghani Muslim arrested too, if that helps!  If we know the Jihadis funded by Pakistan via the rhetoric of Indian mosques have recruited and used Indian Muslims to do terror activities… and if we know that random Pakistani Muslims all over Europe doing the SAME crime is too much of a coincidence, then shouldn’t it make us think?

All one needed were eyes and basic ability in English.  Apparently, something that our ENTIRE mainstream media lacked!  Yours truly compiled the information in another article – Love Jihad in India and Europe – Its Historical and Empirical context and Denial by vested Interests

That the voice of the Hindu community leaders was suppressed on something as vicious as Grooming was bad enough.  That the women who were impacted by it and its victims any hope of help and justice has been beaten down by the entire weight of Indian politicians and media is shocking.  A person called Tapan Ghosh is working very hard on a daily basis trying to save small girls and roams from district to district even in brothels to get them back.  The modus operandi is standard.

Why was Tuktuki’s voice never brought out?  Why did no one make a documentary on her and – as per Tapan Ghosh’s estimates – of over 100 girls abducted using Grooming as a tool every day?  Just to understand the inherent and rather militant bias against Hindus and for Muslim criminals – here are two articles from the leading media outlets in Delhi.  Please do read the detailed stories (they are really stories!) in there:

Bengal teen missing since May might have fallen prey to human trafficking

After being missing for over two months, Tuktuki Mondal returns unharmed to Mograhat home (Derek O’Brien, a Christian MP from Trinamool called her abuse and torture a “Twitter Hoax”!!)

That is the kind of sensitivity shown by media and politicians when a victim was a Hindu girl.  There was of course no media outrage.  Heck, there was no coverage in the first place!!

These writers saw Mohammad Akhlaq’s lynching, but what about Tuktuki and many other Hindu girls being abducted by Muslims using the tool of Grooming (otherwise known as “Love Jihad”)?  How is one Akhlaq more important than 100 Tuktukis a day?!!

Writer’s Protest Drama – Whose Voice is it anyway?

Modi’s victory and one that was wasn’t anticipated showed one thing.  That Indian “Secularism” has failed.  Not because India has become communal now, but because Secularism as a concept was a Fascist and fake concept as applied here.  When the cabal of media-politicians-“intellects” can systematically suppress the specter of Grooming in India and silence the cries of Tuktuki and her parents under the garb of this bastardized Secularism, then it isn’t a fair concept anymore.  It has failed in its very construction and application.

For over 65 years – from the time when Jan Sangh’s challenge to Nehru’s Congress was countered by banning RSS despite the verdict by the Court that RSS was not involved in Gandhi’s murder – to today only ONE section’s voice has been silenced.  And this silencing has been made into a “virtue”.  This so-called “Virtue” that has been thrusted on Indians is called “Secularism”.

In the video below, former Supreme Court Justice K.T. Thomas discussed how Justice GD Khosla’s final statement exonerated RSS in Gandhi Assassination case.

If RSS and Jan Sangh – and then subsequently the BJP were demonized, while the Polity, Media and the Intellectuals were complicit – whose voice was suppressed?  Till date Narendra Modi is paying for the lies that were built on the backs of two Machiavellian plots.  Of Teesta Setalvad and Sanjiv Bhatt (Supreme Court quashes Sanjiv Bhatt’s plea, says attempt to influence court through politics and activism).  Both lied.  Both collaborated with Congress.  And, both have been found to be baseless.

If the foundation on which the whole edifice was built is baseless and full of lies, then does it not stand to reason that the whole monument stinks of falsehood as well?

Now, Victims of Intellectual Fascism are Speaking up!

And that is the issue.  The intellectual fascism is rampant in the Indian social fabric!  From Nehru’s political hatred towards RSS – because of obvious challenges – which he institutionalized, to Derek O’Brien’s hatred for Tuktuki’s ordeal.  This fascism of the Indian intellectual elite has disenfranchised the Hindu voice.

If there is a voice that hasn’t even been allowed on a platform and it expressed itself in a vote that no one could predict BECAUSE of their flawed “Secularism” blinkers, then will it not come out in many different manifestations?  People like Rajdeep Sardesai or Barkha Dutt want to preach to the over 800 million Hindus as to what their religion should mean to them.  Just as no one can define it for Rajdeep, Rajdeep cannot define it for someone else.  The best he can do is to provide it with a platform on equal footing, even if it doesn’t agree with his.  That is something that the Rajdeeps of India have not done via a systematic blackout throughout the history of independent India.

Now, as information flows easily and everyone has a voice on social media, those who felt marginalized by the mainstream media also express themselves.  Often creating a din because of the pent up things that were never allowed out.. as it still isn’t.  The Tuktuki case is just a symbol, but it shows the perfidy and nefarious means of the Media/Intellectual/Politics mafia very well.

Those intellectuals who cry that their “voice is being curtailed” actually are saying that the other voice is now speaking up.

And that is the main problem.  The intellectuals who had a free reign as they closed the doors and media platforms for all legitimate issues concerning Hindus in the name of a bastardized Secularism are livid and mad.  Not because their voice is being suppressed.. but because their victims are now speaking up!!  Its their victims’ voice that is troubling them.  Its that expression which they worked so hard to silence that is getting a chance to speak up.

Finally someone is speaking up for Tuktuki.  It is the defense of Tuktuki that is the root of uneasiness.  That is where Secularism gets threatened.

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