Current Financial Mess – what is it and what can happen

Last updated on Oct 1, 2008

Posted on Oct 1, 2008

Repeatedly, the analysts from Republican side have been stressing that they did not want to pay the Wall Street players for their cheating.  And THAT is why they would not want the bail out to happen.

That is a great reason for anger.

But the truth is FAR bigger and more profound for the world around.  Stock Market, as CNN’s Ali Velshi has been at pain to explain – a “Side Show”!  The real story is the freezing of Credit markets!  What does that mean for an ordinary person?  I am reminded of Urdu couplet:

Dil jala hai to zaalim, ghar bhi jala kar dekh;
Duniya ko pata to chale ki aag lagi hai!

(If your heart is on fire, lets put our house on fire as well;
At least the world will know that something is on fire)

I have tried to link the reasons for the mess and the future effects of the mess for all of us.

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