Damn… Facebook forcibly likes a page for me!

Remember this article I had written sometime back about how even people who are dead long back were “clicking on” Like button on Facebook for some sites peddling products, that while alive they wouldn’t have touched with a 100 ft long pole? (Now even the Dead Can’t Keep Away from Facebook!!)

In that post there were instances where people – living – were also seeing pages showing up as “Liked” which they would never do.

Apparently, Facebook has taken care of that anomaly.

Now, it only anonymously “clicks” Like button for pages peddling stuff that people may like.  For instance this happened to ME.  Look at the screenshot below.  I swear I didn’t like this page for “Satinder Sartaj Sahib”.  Now, I like the guy and if asked and had the inclination, would have liked the page as well.  But, I didn’t.  So, I know FB is psyching the heck out of “poor me” and playing mind games… this tech devil this!

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