Dead wife's SMS and the haunted world

Last updated on Apr 11, 2008

Posted on Apr 11, 2008

Is there anything called supernatural?  The spirits etc.?  I am sure there are many people who have either experienced it or know of people who experienced it.  But this is a rather strange incident by any standards.  A guy’s wife died at 69 (and he lived in an erstwhile haunted house) and she was one who would carry her cell with her everywhere.  So what did they do when she died?  They burried her cell with her.  And then after her death, this guy Frank starts receiving SMS messages from her!  One message came from their home number when he knew no one was there.  It seems he gets messages with the words his wife, Sadie, would use but there are no numbers.

Have you ever experienced such a thing?

What are spirits and ghosts.. and what happens on the other side?  Are they evil or good or just neutral?  Although its just still my hypothesis and understanding I feel that body is just a manifestation of the mind.  This mind is not dependent upon the body but the opposite.  In “The Mind and the Brain” tries to investigate that piece in more detail.  The author – Jeffrey M. Schwartz, Ph D – is a UCLA psychiatrist and expert on treating patients with obsessive compulsive disorder.  He says that Mind dictates the Brain and this “Mind” is more like consciousness.  From the mystics we know that this “Mind” is not in just a body form.  This is what conjures up the body for itself after one dies away – which is what Schwartz’s empirical evidence brings out!

So, when a person dies, why should it be assumed that the Mind is dead also?  Does it reside somewhere until it can manifest again?  Possibly yes.  People who have had near-death experiences or revived after death do talk about a light tunnel and the subsequent experience of a compassionate, loving life.  But they also discuss how they “hovered” over their body for sometime until they went through the “tunnel”!  Now, does this mean that all who die go through the “tunnel” or do some remain hovering around?

Since in my view – a physical body represents the kinetic Mind and the soul/spirit the Potential Mind, its basic characteristics should not differ much.  If one’s mind is petty in real life it should not be too different otherwise as well.  So in that sense, its a rather superfluous to be surprised of the good/evil intentions of a spirit and not be shocked at the same contradictions of people within the world?

Please share your stories if you can….

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