Deepak Chopra/Shekhar Kapur discusssion and Context/Infinity relation

Last updated on Apr 11, 2008

Posted on Apr 11, 2008

Shekhar Kapur and Dr. Deepak Chopra discuss the nature of time and existence in the first of possibly a series of dialogs.

Very interesting discussion.  I liked the word “Context”.  Now, relationship is a different thing.  Context comes from the Latin word “contextus” basically meaning to weave together.  Weaving though an act of unifying is yet a process where the individuality remains.  The ability to locate is inherent in the ability to be part of the whole.

That perhaps in the first step away from the Eternity and last step towards it.  As I had written earlier, there seems to be this inherent ability of ego to destroy itself when it reaches its peak in its pure form.  Not as in the jealous ego.. but as in independent and unifying ego.  When and how does it happen?

There have been many saints and enlightends who have described the experience.  What do they say?  Unfailingly, of the experience that they have (Krishnamurti including) say that they could see themselves in everything.  Everything seemed to be a part of THEM!  And that is the state that they say is “Dissolution of Ego”.  If it was indeed disolving of ego then should I be seeing the Ocean in place of ME?  But how can that happen?  My only “experience” of anything has been BUT of “me”.  So that is what CONTEXT is.

Even when these Saints experienced the “light”, my assertion is that the context was still alive.  Contextualizing ego is the highest experiencable and describable stage of human existence.  When that stage passes away (or context is no more) then there is no existence.. .then “I” do not see myself in others… but only something.. which cannot be identified or defined.

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