Delhi Gangrape: What Should Boys Be Taught About Rape?

Here is an interesting discussion on what the boys should be taught about rape. Akhil Sharma discusses the whole issue of how boys are brought up and what messages are they getting.. specifically with respect to sex and rape .. and women in particular.

Much of this conversation has focused on what we teach girls about their own worth; and about the messages that society sends them about their supposed culpability when they are victimized. But today, we want to explore what we teach our boys, both in India, and here at home. Akhil Sharma was born in Delhi, India and immigrated to the United States when he was eight years old. Sharma is also a professor of creative writing at Rutgers University and author of “An Obedient Father.”

Critics call for fathers in India to take leading role in addressing rape, gender issues

6 arrested in new rape of a bus passenger in India

6 arrested in new rape of a bus passenger in India

Defence lawyer in New Delhi rape case blames victim; claims he’s never heard of ‘respected’ lady getting raped in India

Delhi bus rape case: victims blamed

Delhi gang rape: ‘It’s their own fault’

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