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Delhi High Court slams Delhi Police for imposing Section 144 to undermine protests

After the gangrape case in Delhi, there were protests.  Not only were these protesters lathi charged, but a curfew was imposed on the city center to obviate the protests.  Section 144 was imposed.  Looking at this high-handedness of the Government – orchestrated via the Delhi Police, the High Court has expressed its displeasure and slammed the Delhi Police for curtailing the fundamental rights of the citizens to protest.

The high court said, “If unlawful elements entered the protests, the police should have tried to weed them out.”  The court added that the Delhi Police’s move curbed “fundamental rights” and said that it should have tried to maintain law and order instead of imposing Section 144, according to reports.

Delhi HC got it exactly right!  The Police has been ineffective and failed to establish law and order in the country – and in Delhi in particular – and to hide their inefficiencies, it uses the Section 144 to impose “Stealth Emergency”!