Delhi Terror: Police officer dies, terrorist caught giving interviews to media, and everyone is "innocent"!

The terror situation in India gets weirder by the day!

Delhi Police worked on a confirmed piece of intelligence that the masterminds of Delhi bomb blasts were hold up in a house in Jamia Nagar.  Mohan Chand Sharma – a decorated Delhi officer led the assault against them.

They killed one guy Atiq, one was arrested (Mohd. Saif) and two managed to escape – and in the battle the decorated police officer died as well due to bullets in his abdomen, thighs and right arm.

The inspector who was bleeding profusely was rushed to the nearby Holy Family hospital where he was operated upon and later put on life support systems.  After battling with his severe injuries for nearly eight hours, he was declared dead at seven in the evening.

Two things after this:

First, Zeeshan, an accomplice of these guys was meanwhile making rounds of the TV channels giving interviews when he was arrested!

I want to really know which News Channel was this? And also what is their policy when it comes to choosing their interviewees?  Honestly, this is extremely IMPORTANT!  Because even cursory look at the Indian media’s BS makes it obvious that they have become the mouth-pieces of terrorists and extremists.. as we will see in the next point SO CLEARLY!

Now, on the second thing – Atiq had been in the cross-hairs of the intelligence agencies since long!  And he was being tracked.

The emergence of this new module of IM which coordinated the attacks with SIMI has surprised investigators since Abu Bashir and Abdus Subhan, a close ally of SIMI chief Safdar Nagori, were described as the brains behind these attacks. But special cell of Delhi Police, working with central intelligence agencies, zeroed on Bashir alias Atiq after the Ahmedabad blasts.
‘‘We had information that Atiq had gone to Ahmedabad from Delhi by train before the blasts, along with 10 persons, and returned to the capital on the day of the blasts with 12,’’ said joint commissioner of police (special cell) Karnal Singh.

The operation in Jamia Nagar was planned after confirmed information from central agencies.  So, Atiq dies on the scene as does MC Sharma – a decorated Police Officer!

Now, as if the TV channels had not had enough of interviewing terrorists – they go and interview Raqib, Atiq’s brother.. who incidentally WORKS for a news channel as well.  What does he say?

“My brother was never involved in terror activities and was framed by the police. And now he is dead.”

So, the police officer died arresting a good-for-nothing loafer roaming around in Jamia Nagar where two guys thought it was imperative to run away from there?  I am amazed that the TV channels EVEN show such kind of nonsense DESPITE the effect it has had on the public and security of the country!

Meanwhile we hear that this guy who was arrested has already confessed to his involvement:

Investigators are on the look out for at least ten people who planted bombs following the “disclosure” by Mohd Saif, who was arrested after a fierce encounter in South Delhi in which two other suspected militants were killed, a senior police official said.

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