The Dera Sacha Sauda-Akal Takht Mess

There is a lot of issues going on with the Akal takht and the Dera Sacha Sauda.  Now, I don’t care if the Baba or Guru at the Dera Sacha Sauda is a good person or Guru or not but the Sikh leaders have made a complete mockery of the Sikh religion!!

What was his mistake?  He dressed as Guru Gobind Singh.. hmm so what’s wrong with that?  In the Raas Lilas many actors dress up as Krishna or even as Ram during Ramayan.. in fact this Police Officer (he is an Inspector General of Police!) goes around dressed up as Radha for his "Krishna".. so is that a big enough sin to haul him with belligerance?

Do these idiotic Akal Takht heads have nothing better to do in their lives?  They could surely improve the situation of the Gurudwaras than what they are right now!

Now, that the Dera Guru has given the apology, the Akal Takht guys have rejected it!  Why, because the apology was not sincere enough!  They were pre-disposed to that conclusion because they were gearing up for a fight.  They have nothing better to do anyways so accepting the apology would have put their life into the same boredom.. so they have some pretty tough words for the Dera Baba!!

The worst is that there is some "chatter" that has been recorded by the Indian Intelligence going back and forth from the Gurudwara in Talwandi  (the one place where this all started) to Babbar Khalsa chief in Lahore who is supported by the Pakis to escalate this issue in to a bigger "opportunity" for those anarchist idiots!

Pakistan has rushed to fish in troubled Punjab waters in the wake of the Sikh-Dera Sacha Sauda feud, with Babbar Khalsa International chief Wadhawan Singh Babbar, operating from Lahore under ISI patronage, seeking to stoke violence in the state.
Government sources in Punjab and here disclosed that Wadhawan, who is on India’s ‘Most Wanted’ list, has been in touch with radical elements in the Sikh community at a time when the Dera fire have been raging.
They also said that Wadhawan had worked on the radical Sikh priest whose Gurudwara near Talwandi Sabo in Bathinda was the catalyst for setting off the clash with the Dera over advertisements featuring its chief, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, attired as Guru Gobind Singh.
Telephone intercepts with agencies clearly bring out the interest of the ISI auxiliary in fanning the confrontation which has triggered fears of revival of extremism in Punjab.

Here is the stuff on these idiots from Akal Takht’s statements on the Dera’s apology:

The Akal Takht dismissed the apology as "a shrewd tactic to divert attention".
In conflict with the Dera chief for his alleged imitation of Sikh Guru Gobind Singh, the five Sikh high priests, at a meeting in Amritsar, said the social boycott of Dera followers announced by them would continue.
A resolution adopted at the meeting said the apology given by the Dera chief to Guru Gobind Singh on Sunday night was "not graceful in language and spirit".
The priests said the apology was "no more than a shrewd tactic of the Dera chief to divert attention from the fact that he himself is not forthcoming with the apology but is instead trying to hide behind nameless followers".
The Takht described the Dera chief as "shrewd and egoistic".
"When the apology is sincere and from the core of the heart, then the Guru (Gobind Singh) is magnanimous to forgive. If he has sincerely apologized, then the Guru would forgive him," the resolution said adding "but he has worded the apology in a cunning manner".
"God always pardons the guilty", the Sikh priests said in the statement.
The Akal Takht meeting presided by Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti said if the Dera Chief and his followers had expressed the apology from the core of their heart to Guru Gobind Singh, the creator of Khalsa Panth (Sikh religion) would forgive them.
"If they have indulged in mischief, the Guru would take care of them," it said.

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