Didi’s Poster put up in Trinamool office by removing Netaji’s.

Such is the vanity of “Didi” Mamata Bannerjee, that her sideys see nothing wrong is replacing even Netaji’s photograph with hers in the main office.

Party workers said it was Fire Minister Javed Khan who during his visit to the office on the day of the inauguration noted that Netaji’s portrait and not Didi’s photograph was on the wall facing the main entry to the office.
“Khan asked us to remove the picture of Netaji and replace it with Mamata’s. It was done the very next day,” said a party worker on condition of anonymity.
According to the worker, they removed the remaining two photographs from the same wall “to be on the safe side”. “The other two photographs were of Bhagat Singh and Lal Bahadur Shastri. Both are no more alive. So we removed their photographs since we did not want Didi’s photo on the same wall with those who have passed away,” the party worker added.
Till now, the local workers have not been able to figure out where to place Netaji’s photo. (link)

What an utterly nonsensical argument for removing photographs of Bhagat Singh, Shastri and Netaji!  (Hat Tip for the newsd piece: Saptarshi Ghosh).

If one looks at the life and history of Subhash Bose, one would find that the last years of his REAL life, he was being avoided by most of the politicians in Bengal.  So it is not surprising that there is no outrage in modern day Bengalis on Mamata’s action.

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