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West Bengal – the Failed State!

Pakistan is India with Islam as the predominant ideology.  West Bengal is India, where Dharma and Hinduism is painted into an evil. One is failing nation and the other is a failed state. West Bengal - the Failed State! #BasirhatRiots #IslamicRiotsBasirhat [

10 Jul 17 3 min read

When Mamata Bannerjee had Red Calcultta painted Blue

Its Blue everywhereRed Calcutta – or Kolkatta for the hard-core Bongs – changed its color in 2012.  It was being painted Blue by Mamta Bannerjee, and with a vengeance.  All the bridges, the road dividers, the bus stops and the Government building were given a new coat. Interestingly, in this city of

02 Mar 12 2 min read

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