Watch how kids in Bengal are hitting back at Mamata Bannerjee with #JaiShriRam memes

Watch how kids in Bengal are hitting back at Mamata Bannerjee with #JaiShriRam memes

Mamata Bannerjee, the crazy, delusional and out of depth, West Bengal CM is having a major meltdown.  She doesn’t like chants and invocations to Hinduism and its Gods and in a bid to appease Muslims, who seem to be the sole vote-bank for her, she is doing crazier and crazier things.

Just a week back 10 people were arrested for chanting Jai Shri Ram in Bengal.

In the election campaign, PM Modi referred to this and challenged Mamata Bannerjee to arrest him.

“Didi has thrown people in jail for chanting ‘Jai ShriRam’. I thought of saying Jai Shri Ram here today so that she can throw me inside jail too. That way, the people of Bengal might be protected from the wrath of TMC regime,” Modi said (source)

And, she lost so many of TMC seats in Bengal.  Many say this is just the beginning of the slide.  The reign of terror and fascism needs to be checked.  And if her imbecile ways do not stop, her government may have to be taken out.

Just look at how the TMC MP is caught on camera directing the party colleagues to ensure that Hindus should not be allowed to vote any more.

Meanwhile, many in West Bengal and indeed around the country have started rubbing it into her for ostracising the chant for Shri Ram and making it a punishable offense.

This is not just a simple one-off protest now.  This is quickly becoming a movement!

And no one is taking Mamata Bannerjee on like the kids in Bengal.  So many memes are coming out that it is truly amazing!  Just watch these incredible video memes, which have been uploaded to Tik-tok and many other sites.

One hopes that the fascist TMC does not hit these kids or the creators of these videos with the might of State machinery.

This is how democracy works.  When evil done by the rulers goes beyond all bounds then people retaliate.  With their freedom to express.

Whoever has tried to bury such expression and harmed those who truly stand up for their rights, has always faced ruin.  Mamata Bannerjee is no exception.  Her days of violence and fascism are numbered.

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