West Bengal – the Failed State!

West Bengal – the Failed State!

Pakistan is India with Islam as the predominant ideology.  West Bengal is India, where Dharma and Hinduism is painted into an evil.

One is failing nation and the other is a failed state.

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If you were Jinnah, you will not believe what your political blackmail had created – a nation of pathalogical liars who can deny anything with a straight face without realizing its profound regressive nature.  If you were Tagore, before you were beaten up and driven out of Bengal of today, you would be intensely ashamed to see the degeneration of intellect and empty silly rhetoric replace high intellect.

Hitler wanted supremacy and declared his way to be the only way and the best path for everyone.  he craved supremacy and so went on conquest.  Buddha had no such declarations.  Yet, his ways took over almost the whole Asian continent.  To say that Buddha’s way is the one that SHOULD succeed is not to do a Hitler.  And, that is an important point to understand.

There is always an attempt to create false equivalence by the devils.  It is profoundly foolish and ugly to place an Exclusivist and an Inclusivist on the same pedestal – and then call for equivalence.  The Exclusivist’s most basic call – even while he is sitting on the pedestal – is supremacy for himself at the expense of the other.  There is no middle ground.  When the whims of an exclusivist are put at the same level as the virtues of an Inclusivist, it is indeed the beginning of the end of mankind.

Islam’s apologists are doing just that.

A society where Hinduism cannot flourish and be celebrated will eventually bring its own downfall.  No, this is not a statement of ideology, or a prediction of some divine edict.  But a statement based on plain reality.  There are as many different ways and rules and paths and beliefs within Hinduism as there are people.  Yet, it is inherent in that system to not just embrace all other ways but to celebrate each other.  No matter what the difference in opinion.  For example, I have a very strong difference of opinion on the very basics of Arya Samaj.  To the point that I consider it to be the greatest folly – spiritually – within the Dharmic fold.  Yet, I was perfectly happy sending my kids to the Arya Samaj school in their formative years.

That celebration of diversity is inbuilt into a society which fosters Hinduism.  Embrace of diversity is its sine qua non.

The problem happens when ignorant observers want the exclusivist supremacists of the Abrahamic systems to be extended the same privilege.  Indeed they even are.  But that has simply meant annihilation of the inclusivist.

The stringent Hindutva movement has been a reaction to this expectation of the Hindu society extending the embrace of diversity to the exclusvists who work for their destruction!  It is unreasonable and ugly as a concept!

There is no reason why Exclusivism should be tolerated.  Until Islam’s kalma keeps declaring the primacy for the believers of Allah and hell and death for all others.  And, until Christianity keeps declaring Jesus as the only way and hell for all others, there is an impasse to the embrace.  How does a flower embrace fire and still be part of the equation of that society?

The reason why Pakistan is a failing nation and Bengal is a failed state is not because it is the wrath of Krishna or Ram.  But because of natural ways of life.  When inherent and die-hard inclusivism was sacrificed at the altar of regressive exclusivism, because of the fetish for equivalence, social good had to meet its end.  When the Open Architecture embrace stands mocked by branded conquest, mankind as a whole loses!

Spirituality is not about calling out for God and getting blessings.  It is about being aligned to the Universe such that you can surf the waves of existence.  Those who aren’t aligned to the Ocean of existence perish.  Those who know how to surf the Ocean, celebrate and enjoy!

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