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Dishonest Seekers and "Knowledgable Masters" of the unknow-able

Why do we seek?  More importantly, do we seek to get an answer or do we seek to find out?  Aren’t religions a quick-fix for seeker’s desires?  We seek but our seeking is so shallow and dishonest that we want to catch the next guy who can confidently say “I Know”!  Now, I am not saying whether that person who claims he knows actually has gone through it himself or not, but can he or she even begin to explain it to the other?  Can he take the seeking of a seeker to its ultimate end?  Or does the “knower” merely give the seeker a pacifier to suck on and stop looking on.

There is no dearth of seekers in this world.  Everyone is a seeker.  But all the seekers are in a hurry.  It is as if they are gasping in a sea and want to hold on to any rock that comes along.  And whether it is a pebble or a rock they come across the seeker stands right there and claims the shore has been reached!  It is a great game of pretense.  Or make believe.  For one Buddha, or a Nanak.. who didn’t stop at any rock in this sea.. there are millions and millions of seekers who are stranded in the sea and will remain so.  Bobbing up and down in the sea, alternating between sorrow and momentary happiness, are swarms of people who have not only keep deceiving themselves but also beckon others to their choicest deception.

Ask any intellectual about the ultimate truth – and it is said..  “It is”.  If it really “IS” how can it be seeked?  There is nothing to be seeked which can possibly end in something knowable.. or something that has been known.  If a known “Truth” really existed then it would have been Universal – not varying in every book or preacher’s address or place of worship.  More importantly, that known Truth would have set everyone free.

Is religion then, an answer to the seeking or the laziness of the seeker?  Seeker does not want to ask the tough questions, does not want to tread the lonely path inside.. so looks for affirmations.  It is like someone with low self esteem who seeks to get some approval from others so called “authorities”.  This laziness is conjoined with this race for getting “there” quickly.  That ones seeking is shallow, make-believe and dishonest is bad enough; worse every seeker wants to get to what s/he proudly called “Timeless” as quickly as possible!!

So, people go on Spiritual Tourism – from one church to another, from one Master to another, from one Prophet to another.  And these “Masters” do not disappoint either.  Every new kid-on-the-block “Spiritual Master” promises a new get-Truth-quick formula or code.  No one gets there.. but everyone has a promise to keep his/her hope up.  If one gets impatient and frustrated it is obviously ones own mistake say the Masters.

When will the mankind get out of this fear of not finding a known answer for seeking the unknowable?