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Disturbing traits of Nidal and its larger implications

Some new and disturbing news has come out about Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist who killed his comradesin Fort Hood last week.  What one sees is very disturbing and wonders how come authorities did not get it before the shooting.

But, what is even MORE disturbing to me is that almost all of the Muslims I have met have had the same views and paranoia.  Just that some were passionate and others weren’t that much (or hid it all well).  But just utter the words “Jews”, “Bush”, “Terrorism” and off goes the same narrative!  The STUNNING similarity of the narrative in almost every Muslim that I have met – whether from Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, or India – is what makes one wonder … what is needed for such a large population to become an actual Time Bomb?  For, as Nidal’s friend termed him he was a “ticking Time bomb”!   What I am saying is not out of bias or hatred toward the Muslims.. but what is ACTUALLY the status on the ground.  If you want to be an observer.. just tune on into 1180 AM, and 1460 AM on the radio in Houston and listen to one Pakistan program after another the entire weekend.. and you will know what exactly I mean.  And that is PUBLIC forum.  In private conversations, the attacks are even more acerbic!

Like I said in an earlier post, there is a FUNDAMENTAL review and intervention required.  Time for politically correct and nice look “Sky is Blue” kind of generic discourse is long gone.  Now it is time to be specific and challenge the ideologies that peril the peace while differentiating between “Followers” and the “Ideology”.  In the end, no ideology is greater than the life of a human being.

See below a list of all the things that were disturbing and pointed to a violent eventuality.

– Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born Yemeni Islamic scholar was preaching at the same mosque that Nidal frequented.  Awlaki was said to be the “Spiritual Advisor” (I am not sure if I will use the word Spiritual, for such a guy, there is nothing spiritual about Jihad).  His eyes would lit up, according to a Muslim friend of Nidal on discussion of his deep respect for Awlaki.  It is important to remember that Nawaf al-Hamzi and Hani Hanjour , the two 9-11 hijackers also attended Awlaki’s services.  In fact, it is intriguing that NIdal attended the same mosque – Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Great Falls, Virginia – at the time when the two 9-11 hijackers attended it.

– He gave away Koran to the neighbors in the run up to his shootings.  And before he started shooting, he shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) and proceeded with killing young boys, women and men around him.

– It seems he had a sleepless night before he did the shooting in the morning.

– Dr Val Finnell, a fellow student on a public health course in 2007-08 has said that he had heard Hasan equate the War on Terror to War on Islam.

– After he gave a presentation on defending Suicide Bombers, a fellow students warned the military authorities that Hasan was a “ticking time bomb”.

– Hasan had earlier defended Suicide Bombings and expressed harsh Anti-Jewish sentiments.

– His characteristics – withdrawn, unassuming, brooding, socially awkward and never known to have had a girlfriend – seemed to be classic tell tale mass murderer attributes.  Now add his Islamic fantaticism and you have a walking talking powder keg waiting to go off!

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