Diversity is a Self Destructing Value

Last updated on Nov 25, 2009

Posted on Nov 25, 2009

Today I was listening to the toast from Dr. Singh and Barack Obama.  Both of them emphasized on the quality of diversity and the Universal rights.  Both, Dr. Singh and Obama stand where they are because of the rights of the minorities that their societies afforded them.

Diversity and equal rights are two values in any society that lends it to become progressive and capable.  But is Diversity a sustainable value specifically in societies where some groups desire their superiority as a matter of right.

Can Diversity be even an effective when it offers equal rights to those who have exclusivism as part of their identity?  Can denying the right to follow an exclusivist agenda to any group tantamount to denying them equality?

The most useful thing that a group with exclusivism as its goal can do for itself is to be considered an equal of Inclusivist.  Inclusivism gives the right to an Exclusivist to peddle his/her ideologies as worth of equal rights to those which promote diversity and inclusivism.

That opportunity which Inclusivism and Diversity as values provide all becomes its downfall.  Vedantic society has probably been a great example of that before the advent of Christianity and Islam in India.

If the current soul-searching in the US is any indication then US is where India was around that era.  When propagation of one’s ideology that as a matter of right, with its conscience behind it, celebrates an Exclusivist God, then is freedom of such expression a blow to the future of an Inclusivist and Diverse society?  Or is stopping such a propagation a blow?

This is an important question that will ultimately decide the future of US as a society.

Ultimately Inclusivism loses and engages in a fight and retaliation against Exclusivists.  Then both move to the same place.

Diversity and Inclusivism are self destructing values!

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