Divine Creativity

Last updated on Sep 9, 2008

Posted on Sep 9, 2008

Creativity is God’s seed planted in every soul personality. We’re soul personalities possessing material vehicles.

Let’s start by trying to describe our Maker in just a few words. Love? Yes!— Life? Of course!— Light? You’re right! Peace profound?—Harmony?—Happiness?—Being positive? The answer is always yes! These definitions, all of them, share a common denominator. This denominator is “CREATIVITY”. Life is always creative, and so forth.

The great paradox that every human being has is that we live constantly in two very different worlds.

There must be a total communion among the perfect blending of our integral self. Our integral self is made of a physical vehicle. This physical being expresses itself by using an objective mind, which is responsible for our perceptions. It also has a subjective mind. This consciousness shelters our mental processes, emotions, habits and will power. And the many planes of our subconscious mind help us being true mystics, because it is through this way that we’re able to listen to the wise and subtle voice of our soul personality. It is precisely that by listening to this wise voice that we express our eternal gratitude to God. It is when we will be considered as inheritors of its supreme grace. In other words here lives and expresses our reliable intuition.

We don’t have to be immerse in the fine arts, working as actors, film directors, making a living by being writers, chefs, martial artists, design workers, etc. To be considered creative people. Believe me. There are more than a thousand ways in which we can manifest our beautiful creative process. All of this can be expressed easily by thinking that we do deserve to be His children. Let’s never forget that we’re spiritual beings having human experiences, and not human beings having spiritual experiences. We’ve suffered from amnesia too long! Let’s wake up! Our origin has always been divine.

Here, once more I insist in telling you that it was BY DIVINE HELP that I developed THE APPLIKOM PROJECT. The divine seed really has developed into something useful and above all creative! It’s a very simple matter. It’s constantly traveling from deep inwards, where it resides our spiritual being into our physical and vise versa.

It is very common, that we, human beings can express positive actions, but also sometimes we can take a wrong turn by doing negative actions. Yes, I know nobody is perfect, but we can do our best not to fail in our return to God’s Kingdom.

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