DrishtikoneDaily.com: The Curated News Channel by Drishtikone

DrishtikoneDaily.com: The Curated News Channel by Drishtikone

For many years, I have been thinking of adding a daily news channel to this normal Drishtikone blog which will stand on its own and brings to everyone who is interested in India and things that impact Indians their daily news fix.

The Mainstream media is compromised.  It often puts the most important news in a small snippet on some inside page and highlights the news that they want on the top.  With this new channel, I seek to bring news not from one source, but many.  Social media, Blogs, papers, youtube channels and even hand-picked news that I come across.  This news channel – DrishtikoneDaily.com – brings it all together in one place.

We’d operate separate channels such as on different social media platforms and on YouTube, but our biggest following is still right here. If we were to focus on a YouTube channel we’d have to focus on growth before content, unless we used websites similar to getfans.io/pt/comprar-inscritos-no-youtube to get an influx of initial subscribers to start posting for.

I have heard that there are quite a few ways to give your YouTube channel a boost actually. For example, a friend of mine recently told me about QQTube. QQTube allows YouTube content creators and channel owners to purchase views, likes, subscribers, comments, and shares. You can learn more about QQTube by reading qqtube reviews so that you can reach your own conclusions about this service. However, before purchasing YouTube subscribers, you need to weigh up the positives and the negatives and follow a guide on how to do so and what sites to trust. Fortunately, this Source from Tinkapp will help you in making this decision and ensure you make the right choice for your channel.

Anyway, we have pieced together some important social media voices – including the Government – who share important stories with respect to India and Indian life and also stories from news outlets which we cannot ignore.  In addition to all this, we do also add our own stories curated manually to present a picture that is interesting and compelling!

From now on, all the subscribers of Drishtikone will also get a daily news low down via the DrishtikoneDaily.com newsletter.  Both the subscribers will be joint.  So please sign up for the daily newsletter.

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If anyone of you have any interesting links or news or blog posts from anyone that you think should be shared with a wider audience, please send that to us via the contact page and we will add it manually to the daily news, if it aligns with the editorial strategy.

This is not my news channel.  This is for everyone.  I want us to make it what we want from our news and what we truly need to be informed about everyday.

Please share it with a wider audience – friends and family.  Specially people who you believe would love to get this.

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