Drone attack in Pakistan and "not saying it out loud" policy

Drone attack in Pakistan and "not saying it out loud" policy

It seems this week in another cross border attack on Pakistan’s Waziristan area using a drone US forces killed 5 more people.

Frustrated by an intensifying Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, U.S. forces have in the past month carried out seven missile strikes by pilotless drones and a commando raid on the Pakistani side of the border.
In the latest attack, a drone fired two missiles at a house near the town of Mir Ali in North Waziristan, at about midnight Tuesday (1800 GMT), two intelligence agency officials said.
The area is a known sanctuary for Pakistani Taliban and foreign militants near the Afghan border.
“We have reports of five dead including foreign militants,” said one of the officers, who declined to be identified as he is not authorized to speak to the media.

So, hopefully those killed are indeed terrorists and the intelligence is correct. I wonder how will this play out later? McCain and Obama have been sparring over the attacks on Pakistan – and I find McCain’s position to be the most nonsensical! He is saying “Of course, we will also go across the border” but adds “but you dont say that out loud!”…. Ok, and do you think all the Pakistanis in the world didn’t hear you? Do you think all the Pakistanis reside in Waziristan? Maybe some may have crossed the ocean (even if one assumes they dont have access to TV, CNN, Media and can’t understand plain English back home in “Waziristan”!)

Mind you, he has EXACTLY the same position as Obama and he has articulated it as well.. only he doesn’t want to “say that out loud”! Whatever that means!

To me, what that simply says is that he has NO policy for Pakistan! Pakistan has been identified as the EPICENTER of all terrorism and if action – and QUICK ACTION – is not taken over there, the chances that in another 5 months, we will see the power (and Nukes) in the hands of Islamic rulers (most probably Taliban) is a CERTAINTY! Its just a matter of time given the apathy and the attitudes of the US administration.

Sending drones to shoot is akin to beautifying the deck of the Titanic while it goes down! Its the policy – Foreign Policy – that needs to be straightened out… killing terrorists with drones wont achieve much in the long term!

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