Last updated on Jan 2, 2009

Posted on Jan 2, 2009


This wonderful year,  I expect that every of of us is able to have many more spiritual-psychic fraternal contacts with each other, plus with other beautiful soul personalities from around our world.
  In order to escape our Earth many man-made pollutants let’s visualize this sacred personal dome above our planet.

To my mind came an image of a crystal clear magnificent dome.
Inside this dome is a very comfortable computer  chair, so we can move aruond every cardinal point and detect by transmitting and receiving the harmonious thoughts of people. Our spiritual monitor is a three hundred and sixty degrees, all around us as we move sensing where we are needed or where we can be properly illuminated by the Celestial Hieraechy.
 Above us is the always clear night sky with all the beautiful stars, planets, milky way and galaxies. Remeber darkness enhances all our spiritual abilities because we are light from Divine origin. This placement of our dome makes it easier for us to communicate with other human beings, as well as  highly spiritual superior beings.
  Here I want to emphazise the misconception of this very common word. A superior being;; physical, mental ot spiritual means this being is at the service of many people and not many people are at the service of these beings. A superior being won’t do our work for us. He just will inspire us to take dynamic actions in our every days lives! It is us the ones to carry out these required actions.
  In a very real spiritual mental sense this sacred dome has always existed, so what we have to do is to dwell in it more often than in our past. Do you think it sounds fantastic?Well dear friend actually is much more real that our experienced daily physical realities.
 Please recall that I always suggest doing things never I comand at all.
For almost all my life I’ve firmely believed that more thn words facts speak themselves louder and clearer.
With all my fraternal love.

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