Each white dove has an intense red spiritual rose.

Last updated on Nov 17, 2008

Posted on Nov 17, 2008


For these transitory hard days I wish to share with you the magnificent spiritual experience had by a dozen committed people. At that time our country was experiencing very bad moments, so we decided to do something about it. We named our Sunday meditation “Spiritual actions” Sometimes there exists the same sincere burning desire in people gathered who share the same purpose. We don’t know if the planets and stars had a special position. What everybody understood was there was a really emergency which would prevent greater damaged if not being solved. On that occasion after our deep prayers and meditation brought us immediate results because nine out of ten had had similar spiritual experiences. Here is my enlightened   experience:

Above our heads in the temple there were a dozen of white doves flying around us, their whiteness was very intense, but this peculiar whiteness didn’t hurt our eyes, on the contrary it gave them more depth. Their feathers had an indescribable glow, a glow belonging to a very harmonious celestial place.

These beautiful doves kept flying high above us going around and around our heads, when suddenly they started performing a spiritual super harmonious ballet. Nobody could avoid being fascinated by this great blessing. The doves as they were performing their dance had descended, so now they were nearer, that’s when everybody saw that each dove had a dark red rose in its peak. They flew around us three more times and then unexpectedly they drop their roses toward us so that we could catch them. A brief moment before reaching our hands a net appeared to stop their gravitational falling speed.

This net was made of what looked like very thin silver threads and at the precise moment everybody picked out his/her personal rose the thread vanished. As everybody had a rose, we felt compelled to place it on our chests very near our hearts .This very sacred rose was swallowed by each of our hearts feeling very, very lucky to be blessed by Jesus Christ and his apostles. On our next sessions we all imagined that we were giants holding hands in a circle above our planet, the blue sphere, and that the mission, characteristics, and attributes of each of our red roses would descend surrounding our beloved planet.

Now after a few years have passed I think that if most of us mentally and spiritually gather our loving hearts and powerful minds here on every corner of our planet we can do a lot to overcome successfully our economic crisis.
  Your brother on this MISSION POSSIBLE Azokata-nous

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