Economic Spiral and the movement to a Revolution!

Last updated on Apr 19, 2008

Posted on Apr 19, 2008

Ghazala says that the poor in Pakistan are finding it hard to eat and a mother was arrested for selling her kids.  It is no different in India and elsewhere.  While billionaires are being minted the world over – specially in India and other parts of Asia, food – which constitutes the majority part of a family’s expenditure for lower income population, is becoming dearer and often out of reach.  It is NOT a question of “Nice to Have” acquisition… it is a “Critical to Life” purchase.  The oil and energy is becoming expensive and that means the fertilizers and chemicals used in agriculture are going over… which means that the food prices – specially the maintenance types (which the poor use – like wheat, rice etc) will be going up.  All this will increase the unhappiness amongst the poor.  The rich believing that their money can save them.. but it does not happen often!  One day the anger of the poor reaches a crescendo that is unstoppable… and then a Revolution comes… which creates cracks in the very economy that started the spiral!

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