Elon Musk takes CNN apart on its fake reporting

Elon Musk takes CNN apart on its fake reporting

CNN – my favorite news channel for years – has become the hotbed for fake news and falsehoods.  Its ideological predispositions makes it create villains and post unsubstantiated stories, opinions which are clearly and obviously biased – actually more of “hitjobs” than opinion or reporting.

CNN published how despite Elon Musk’s claim of donating ventilators, no such ventilators had reached the hospitals.

Which was a lie.  So, Elon Musk called it out in a deserving brutal way.

And, then he shared the correspondence that clearly showed how the ventilators were not just received, but also in use.  IN fact many teams in hospitals shared their pictures with these ventilators.

Yes, Trump has been brutal on many media houses, CNN in particular.  But the way they go around peddling Hinduphobic and anti-India stories which are pure delusional falsehoods – not even spin on opinion – one has very little sympathy left with CNN anymore.

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