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Elon Musk takes CNN apart on its fake reporting

CNN – my favorite news channel for years – has become the hotbed for fake news and falsehoods.  Its ideological predispositions makes it create villains and post unsubstantiated stories, opinions which are clearly and obviously biased – actually more of “hitjobs” than opinion or reporting. CNN published how despite Elon Musk’s claim

16 Apr 20 1 min read

Evolution of the American Dream: What does it Cost?

In today’s political climate in the US, where divisions are so wide that one can often get confuse whether the two camps are citizens of the same country or representatives of two enemy countries!  USofA has been known as the beacon of hope and opportunity the world over for

25 Oct 16 3 min read

Toupee or Not Toupee

Most of the World’s leaders have some extremely complex issues to tackle with.  How to fight poverty, get the economy on track, hackers starting a national security crisis.  But there is one Presidential hopeful in the US – and if he can do what he has done, may be the

29 Aug 15 3 min read

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