Want to know how POWERFUL Facebook is now? Yesterday it almost brought the internet down!

Want to know how powerful Facebook is?  Thanks to the ubiquitous Facebook share functionality.  Here is a reminder.

On Thursday, many major websites were taken down by an error that stemmed from Facebook, as Internet mainstays like MSNBC.com, CNN, Yelp and New York Magazine all sent users to redirect pages almost immediately upon loading.
Upon visiting the sites, users were redirected to an error page inside of the Facebook website, which seems to suggest that the error lies in Facebook Connect, the software platform that snakes Facebook’s reach throughout the entire backbone of the Internet. Connect is seen on many third-party-publisher websites in the form of the “Like” button — especially BuzzFeed, the viral news site which relies primarily on social media to spread throughout the Web.

So basically a glitch on Facebook site was bringing down other sites.

In One Fell Swoop, Facebook Glitch Deep-Sixes The Web

Facebook Breaks The Internet

Facebook briefly takes over entire Internet with redirection bug

Facebook Broke the Internet

Facebook breaks the Internet

Facebook Connect glitch sidelines host of websites, including NBC News, CNN … – Financial Express

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