Toupee or Not Toupee

Toupee or Not Toupee

Most of the World’s leaders have some extremely complex issues to tackle with.  How to fight poverty, get the economy on track, hackers starting a national security crisis.  But there is one Presidential hopeful in the US – and if he can do what he has done, may be the most powerful man in the world – has a unique problem at hand.  Rather on his head.  His hair!

Everyone thinks Donald Trump wears such an outrageous head of hair that surely nature couldn’t do such an unaesthetic job on itself for no good reason!  Ergo, it must be a man-made disaster of blonde proportions!

It’s bad enough he has to deal with the blonde reputation, his hair style also didn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence in serious folks.  So Trump used a CNN press conference to settle the matter.  He brought in an independent “observer” who was asked to give her verdict.  The brunette dug into Trump’s hair and gave her pronouncement.

“This is on the front page of the New York Times. I don’t wear a toupee, it’s my hair! I swear. We’re gonna settle this! Come on up here, they’re gonna let you.  You have to do an inspection, real quick. We don’t wanna mess it up too much ’cause I do use hairspray.”  Trump said.
The grinning woman, who later swore she had never met the real estate mogul before, obliged, gingerly patting Trump’s iconic silver barnet.
“Is it mine?” he demanded.
“It is!” the woman, sounding a little surprised.  “Say it, please,” Trump continued, directing her to the microphone.
“Yes I believe it is.”

Yes, it is nature’s blunder not a man-made disaster after all!  Well, since nature and the Divine had messed up on this piece so outrageously anyway, why not take it all the way and blow up the disastrous work as much as one can?  So, on top of Donald Trump – in himself an incredible creation – we have a blonde hair accident.

Significance of Trump

Many decades back in India, the politicians started using criminals to push them to power. They provided them patronage and the criminals and goons provided them manpower to twist the right arms or get the wrong head off its body.

It went fine for some years as the goons got prominence and could get their work done without the interference from the politicians.  But soon every politician was using the goons.. and from the SAME set of the goon pool.  Now, one politician would help and other would screw them.  Sometimes, the same politician would help bring up one guy and then cut him down to size.

In the last couple of decades, the goons woke up to another possibility – cut out the middleman!  Why fight for the politician?  Why not do it himself?  So, India now has a Parliament with 186 criminals with charges of murder and rape against them!

Trump is the equivalent of the criminals in Indian Parliament, just that he woke up too late!  His and his peers’ moneys are used by politicians with smart business executives to buoy their chances and make them look good.  Well, Trump HAS the money and he works with some very smart executives himself.  So why not do what say Jeb Bush would do anyway?  Just get the better speech writer and thinker in place who can help fashion the right take on all strategic issues.  And once the stand is articulated on each issue, just go with it.  Leave the rest for the “Spin team”.  Isn’t that what everyone does anyway?  They tailor make messages for Tea Party, moderate Conservatives, old-school Conservatives and New School Conservatives as well as some undecided!

The result?  He is beating the heck out of every other Republican candidate now!

Businessman Donald Trump is leading his next-closest Republican presidential competitor by 16 points in a Quinnipiac poll released Thursday that saw his support jump 8 points from one released in late July.
Mr. Trump was the first choice of 28 percent of Republican or Republican-leaning voters in the national poll, followed by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 12 percent and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida at 7 percent apiece.

Trump will get other businessmen thinking.  Why donate?  Why not use for being the President myself?

And, that is a major step down for any democracy, as India has learnt to their dismay.  It is a slippery slope, once it starts there is no end.  He will make the voter in the democratic process completely irrelevant in the US and serve as the start of an end.  His central argument is that politicians (or Washington Insiders) are out of touch and idiots.  He brings sense and change.

Yes, he is right that politicians suck.  In the US and everywhere else as well.  But to subvert the system itself because the process is flawed is the most foolish strategy.  Those who want their freedoms and democracy will be made to feel as it is there, but it will be long gone with the haunting question of Trump’s toupee!

Featured Image Source: Flickr

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