Equality and Fairness in India is only Contextual!

Last updated on Mar 17, 2008

Posted on Mar 17, 2008

Sarabjit Singh is to be hanged for involvement in a bomb case in Pakistan and for spying.  As many suspect, he maybe an innocent victim.  In a country where the courts and judges are nothing but a complete mockery of justice and anybody can kick around with them, is it any wonder that outsiders have less than little faith in the system?

Surely, if Sarabjit is guilty and has killed people, he must get to face the law of the land.  But according to any decent law, Death Sentence is given ONLY when there is evidence beyond any shadow of doubt that the murder or the act was done by the perpetrator.  Is that true in case of Sarabjit?

I feel that at the very least Indian Government should ask the Pakistani Government to share the evidence and the process of prosecution so one knows that it was all done fairly.  If it was done fairly, then there is nothing wrong in sharing it.

But India is led by this gentleman – Dr. Manmohan Singh, who will go down in history as the most impotent and spineless PM India has ever had.  He could not utter a word when his colleagues made a mincemeat of the nations highest educational institutions and has repeatedly raised the bogie of RSS for everything that his party or his leaders ever did!  Now, this guy, who was having sleepless nights when Australia was handling another Indian through their legal system; is not even whimpering a dissatisfaction!

I am not sure what is happening in India.  It really seems at times that the fairness and equality have lost their meaning.  They are used only in certain contexts.  Only when certain groups/communities are hurt and lose their meaning outside of that context for very similar situations.

It probably does not matter to the world and India’s future if Sarabjit is hanged on April 1 or not, but despite the day’s popular fool’s character, all Indians should should not fool themselves into believing that equality is really a universal word.  And that this PM, despite his learning and scholarship has any leaning to uphold the truth in all its facets.  If he can lift his head from Nehru family’s doorsteps, then may be he can see something..

.. Andher nagri .. chaupat raja.
.. take ser bhaaji take ser khaaja….

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