EU to bring out a "Blue Card" to compete with US green card

The competition for talent is heating up around the world. Now, EU is starting a scheme that mimics US’ green card (permanent residence card) scheme that gives permission to people skilled in areas of high demand. The EU says it needs 20m skilled workers over the next two decades, and is very short of expertise in engineering and computer technology. The EU card will be called a “blue card“.

This is surely to set alarm bells in the US computer industry and push the US government to get its act together for the immigrants – the legal ones.. for a change!!

Blue Card

Does not give permanent residency
Valid up to two years, renewable
Allows holders and families to live, work and travel in EU
Applicant must have one-year EU job contract with salary of three times minimum wage
Permanent residency automatic after five years

Green Card
Gives holder permanent residency
Valid for 10 years, renewable
Allows holder to live, work and travel in the US
Five channels to seek a card: employment, family links, a lottery, investment, or resident since before 1972
Holders can become US citizens after five years

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