Every Terrorist Act in last two decades have a direct link with Pakistan

Last updated on May 27, 2011

Posted on May 27, 2011

In this video, this anchor gives a list of attacks where either Pakistanis directly or in some capacity are involved in most of the terrorist attacks in the world in the past few years.

Must have taken a lot of strength to say what he said.  However, he missed one thing – the direct link of 9-11 to Pakistan.

In April of 2009, I had written about how Taliban and Al Qaeda had basically started building its deep roots in every major Pakistani city.

I have a tradition on Drishtikone.com that I make predictions for US, India and Pakistan for the next year in the last week of December.  Its based on my reading of the situation on the ground as I “see” and understand it.  I had written in 2008 that Pakistan will be completely Talibanized in 2 years.

In the next year or two, I see complete Talibanization of Pakistan. I mean COMPLETE! War against India is imminent as it happens and I see a real danger to the Indian cities from the fanatic terrorist minds in Pakistan.

When I look at Pakistan of today, I am reminded of a scene in Mission Kashmir, where Altaaf’s (Hrithik Roshan) mother comes to meet him, before the main temple is going to be blown up by the militants.  Before leaving she tells him, “beta jab goli chalao to bahut soch samajhkar chalana”.  When a person high on emotion and brainwashed by religious passion has a gun in his hand, at that time its only God’s grace if he can make the right decision.  When I see the suicide bombings happening in Pakistan, I often wish if the Mother of just one of those suicide bombers or killers could go to them prior and give them the same advise.

Although its painful and not righteous, but I can understand how someone like Kasab can have no moral issues killing a Hindu or a Jew (like in Jewish House) in India, but it takes the madness to reach a totally crazy level for such a mindset to kill someone in a mosque while praying.  When the first killing happened in Pakistan in a mosque, in my eyes, that was the beginning of the end.  Unless someone gets up and reverses the history of a long time.. I mean a LONG TIME.. its not just 1980s but longer.. it will be very tough to reverse.  The mess started from the very beginnings of Pakistan itself.  If your basic foundation is kept on the principle that says “I am OK, You’re NOT OK” and since you are not OK, “since I say so” or “my God says so” – then I can’t live with you.  Not just that, I will even kill you.

Soon a time comes where this, the “other guy” is defined as someone just outside my current group.  At the time of partition, the “other” was a Hindu or a Sikh.  Then the “other” was a Bengali… then, a Shia…. then, an Ahmediya…. then a Sunni who was helping the “earlier others”.. then it were any Sunnis who weren’t according to what was the killer’s own goals.

If one gets to understand the underlying dynamics and the mindset of the main “decision making brain and machinery” in Pakistan, it becomes very easy to predict what is going to happen there.

And, that is scary!  If one is so predictive because of how he always behaves, then there is little hope.  If that happens for a nation, that means that the common people’s aspirations find absolutely NO expression.  Because if those aspirations could find an expression, at least some mother could have given that advise to her son when it mattered the most!  No nation should be predictable for anyone.. because the aspirations of its citizens to CHANGE things should always prove the predictors wrong!  Unpredictability predicated on people’s aspirations is the true mark of a nation’s success!

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